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11/18/12 7:15 P

Thanks Becky, I double checked and I did have all my info entered correctly :-/
5'1, 22 years old, and wanting to lose 2 pounds a week while burning 2500...

So weird. I'm just going to change my range back to 1200-1550 manually and stick to that

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11/18/12 3:29 P

I think something my be entered incorrectly with your program.
I entered you as 5'5" and 27 years old, and wanting to lose 2 pounds weekly.(I just guessed)
I entered 2500 calories burned weekly.
I still got a calorie range of 1200-1550/day.

Check to see if your weekly weight loss goal is 2 pounds. If you have it set for less--this will increase your calories.


11/18/12 12:57 P

The spark calorie counter told me to! :-/

When I upped my exercise, I got a little red angry message warning me that I had to go update my caloric intake. And then thats when it told me 2000-2500.

I was feeling fine with 1200 to 1500, should I go back to that??

11/18/12 12:54 P

Yes, 2000-2500 is too much.
Where did you get that number? Was this your SP range?
I think even 1500-1750 may be too high for weekly weight loss.
Why did you stop with 1200-1500? Were you feeling fatigue?

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

11/18/12 12:29 P

So I lost 8 pounds in 1 month by exercising for 50 minutes a day and eating between 1200 and 1500.

I was so excited that I decided to increase the intensity of my exercising and slightly increase my caloric intake.

I've gained 2 pounds :@ edit: make that 3 :'(

I burn about 2500 calories a week and Sparkpeople is telling me to eat 2000 to 2500 calories a day... Isn't that too much? I couldn't do it, so I eat between 1500 to 1750...

Am I eating too little and sabotaging my weight-loss??

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