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4/4/13 12:57 P

I like #7 on coach Deans list.

7. The best dieting strategy for avoiding starvation mode problems, maximizing your fat loss, and keeping the weight off permanently is to eat and exercise as if you’ve already reached your goal weight and are trying to maintain that weight with a healthy lifestyle.

I am 5'4" and hover around 124lbs and I am supposed to eat between 1850-2150 calories a day with 1500 calories burned a week.

Someone the OP's height should have to eat much more than me.

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4/4/13 11:49 A

SKINNYCHICKPEA, I'm afraid this is an inaccurate statement:

"But going below 2123 would stop this process, remember that! It's important to eat!"

Eating below your BMR is not going to put you in starvation mode. That's not how it works. If it did, Sparkpeople wouldn't work, because 90% of us are provided with a range that operates BELOW our basal metabolic rate. That's how you lose weight; by eating less than you burn.

Here's what starvation mode is all about: (Scroll down to Coach Dean's reply!)

4/4/13 11:38 A

I think you have too few calories, I can give you my stats as comparision.
Height 5 10
weight 218 lbs - began at 267 lbs
work out : cross train 30 x 2
run: 45 min x4

my calories: 1759

If i plateau it isn't adding more activity it mostly falls to not enough calories and my body will cling because it not being fufilled.

Good luck, each day and week is different, look at the overall monthly total when things slow down, you still lose maybe at a slower pace, for me the first 40 was easy now its getting slower and more difficult, but its well worth it.

I hope this helped somewhat.

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2/1/13 2:46 P

My suggestion is to set your calories burned goal to reflect how much exercise you're doing, and then SparkPeople will give you a calorie range to follow. It's based on your exercise, current weight, goal weight and how long you've given yourself to lose the weight.

What range has the program given you?

Coach Jen

2/1/13 12:58 P

You are definitely welcome and I don't mind eating more either =D

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2/1/13 12:26 P

Okay that definitely makes sense, and hey I don't mind eating a little more! Thank you so much!

2/1/13 12:19 P

A rough estimate of your BMR is 2123. This is the number of calories your body burns just existing, not counting any exercise or activity. Multiplying that by 1.55 (for your moderate activity level) is 3291 calories on average burnt per day including exercise. To lose weight you should decrease from 3291 in increments of 500 calories without going below your BMR (which is 2123) so that your body does not go into starvation mode which stalls your metabolism and is bad for your body. Every 500 calories you subtract from 3291 represents a pound you *could* lose per week since 500 x 7 is a 3500 calorie deficit which is a pound. But going below 2123 would stop this process, remember that! It's important to eat!

I'm not a doctor or an expert, this is just some information that I've gathered from internet research and talks with my doctor over the past year. Let me know if I am mistaken as that would help the OP and myself too :)

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2/1/13 11:55 A

I do various cardio/toning workouts I find on pinterest, paired with at least 20 minutes on the elliptical, no lifting more than body weight/ 8lb dumb bells,

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2/1/13 11:46 A


Could you be more specific about what you do for exercise?

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2/1/13 11:39 A

Okay here's the sitch--

Current Weight: 290
Heigh: 5'9"
Current Cals/day: around 1550
Exercise: Moderately active to very active 6-7x/wk

do you think I am not consuming enough calories?

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