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7/19/14 10:49 P

Don't worry! If your weight loss stalls, just use it as an opportunity to re-check your program. Then, evaluate and re-adjust! :) Don't down on yourself for any mistakes. Just brush it off and keep going. :)

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7/19/14 1:39 P


CARLYDK85 Posts: 99
7/19/14 9:49 A

Big movement this week! I've been swimming with my kids everyday, watching my intake very carefully and getting a lot of sleep on top of it all. I feel great and the scale showed results for my hard work. I still have to do my body measurements.

I've realized that there are so many more ways to measure my success. I'm keeping up with my kids, I feel great and my health is improving! Thank you all for your help and support. Your encouragement and suggestions really helped me find a great balance!

VUKELK Posts: 623
7/19/14 9:21 A

I am not focusing and following my game plan and it shows. What I need to do is get back to exercising most days and journaling all my intake.....problem solved

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7/19/14 9:18 A

the more I exercise, the hungrier I am. Fine balance.

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7/18/14 1:00 P

Wow--I haven't heard of any of that BMR/ TDEwhatever stuff...way too many numbers for me!

I keep it simple--I weigh myself every morning just to keep myself motivated & on track (nothing succeeds like success!)...I eat healthy fresh foods all day long (and as little as I can & still live! :)...and I exercise daily, 7 days a week, every single morning.

And boom--I've lost 30 lbs in 13 1/2 weeks. 4 more lbs until I reach my goal!

It's a simple process...and yet exceedingly hard! But we CAN DO IT!!!

DEANSDAD Posts: 71
7/16/14 1:47 P


You are most welcome and thanks for reading - hope it helps.
Enjoy your "trip" and don't sweat the small stuff.
Stay as close to your goal as you can, don't worry too much about the food "mix" - it's a vacation!

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7/16/14 12:17 P

deansdad, great information. loved reading it. thanks.

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7/13/14 1:24 P

Great information on this thread. Thank you for asking this question.

7/11/14 10:04 A

CARLYDk85 - thanks for asking this question - this thread taught me a lot and has helped motivate me to move forward. Your spark page and pictures are inspirational.

7/10/14 11:38 A

Keep with it. I go through the same from time to time. My recommendation is stick with the number of calories but change what you are eating to get you to 1500. More protein and veggies and less carbs, etc.

DEANSDAD Posts: 71
7/5/14 6:30 P


First (and most importantly) your long term progress to date has been stunning and worthy of a very high degree self-respect, CONGRATS.

If I might go back to the original question ("am I doing something wrong?"), my answer (despite my prior comment), would be "yes, you are" (but it's NOT what you may be thinking).

What you are doing wrong (IMNSHO) can be summed up in three words - TMI (Too Much Information).

I'm sure you've heard the references to those two things "everyone has" and that "opinions are like....". Funny, yes - but also not so far from the truth.

In the "diet" world "opinions" often outweigh (pun intended, sort of) "facts" and way too many self-proclaimed "experts" apparently believe they can transform "opinion" to "fact" in Midas like fashion, if they just repeat the opinion over and over again enough times.

Science takes a somewhat different view recognizing that a "fact" is NOT a "fact" until it has been demonstrated irrefutably to be so, challenged by others, and the conclusions can be repeated.

"That's nice", you say, "but what does it have to do with my question?"

All sorts of people would have you believe any of the plethora of "myths" that abound.
"If you eat too few calories you will gain weight,"
"A pound of muscle weighs more than a pound of fat,"
"If you eat less than your BMR you will die,"
"Too much exercise will cause you to stop losing...",

You get the point - TMI - (and not just too much, but most of it pedigreed BS).

Start with your (anyone's) BMI/BMR/TDEE.
Go to five or six different calculators and see what your's is (using the different "standards")
I did, using my best guesses of your age, height, and weight of 195 (which I think was the last thing I saw you post).
Range goes from BMR of 1603 to 2041 and TDEE of 1946 to 2838
(All using as close as possible the same "input" data)

So which is right and which do you choose to set a "starting point"?
Beats me but I would argue that you are much closer to the 1603 - 1946 end of the scale (due to the different methodology used by the calculators and how they account for daily calories "burned").

The calculator using the "Schofield" method is the out-liar @2838 with the three others ranging from 1946 to 2324 so let's drop the 2838 and use 2324 as the "upper" end

If we can agree on a TDEE range of 1946 to 2324 (which already has taken into account "light, daily, exercise calories burned" the next step is to agree on the consensus (it's not "fact" and a number of scientists believe it not to be true, but it is "generally accepted") that a 500 cals/day (3500/wk) reduction (from TDEE) will result in approximately 1 lb/wk loss. (all else being equal).

1946 - 500 = 1446
2324 - 500 = 1824

Personally, I'd start by using the 1446 and before the company liners start jumping up and down about how you will die if you don't eat MORE than your BMR (another "non" fact) let's just average the two "guesstimates" and say 1635.

With me so far? Good.

So I took a look at your "numbers" for the last week (6/29 - 7/5).
Total cals IN = 13,777 (1968/day)
Total cals OUT = 2228 (318/day)

The cals OUT number is really irrelevant because it is already accounted for in the TDEE calcs as "light/daily exercise" and at 318 that seems reasonable (even if it is overstated when using other cal burn calculators).

What IS important is the 1968 cal IN number compared to the (calculated) "daily cal IN" required to lose ~1lb/week" of 1635. That's 333 cals/day OVER.

Even using the "high end" estimate of 1824 we're still OVER by 144/day.

It's not whether you are over by 144 or 333 or even if the estimates above are "off" by 250/day - it's that this stuff is ALL based on GUESSTIMATES. Some of them we make (what "level" of exercise?) some of them are made for us (which "standard" is used to calc BMR/TDEE) - it's all a guess and only provides a "starting point".

In the end, it comes down to simple physics - if at 1968/day IN you are "holding" (no loss, no gain) THAT is your REAL TDEE (assuming you are actually counting EVERY single cal IN).

The ONLY ways to continue to lose are 1) REDUCE your cals IN (below the 1968) or 2) INCREASE your cals OUT (above the 318) - it really is that simple.

Start with 250/day - that "should" result in an average 0.5 lb/wk loss after a couple weeks - that's not a bad number for you but if you decide at that point to drop another 250 (which gets us pretty close to the numbers "estimated" above and 1#/wk) that would work as well.)

I don't know anything about the "bootcamp" thing but whatever method you choose I have no doubt (based on your previous experience) that you will get to goal. "Luck" has nothing to do with it (the "scientist" in me says) - But just in case......."Best of LUCK!!!"
(and no, I'm not....did stay in a holiday inn once though)

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7/5/14 3:55 P

I've also heard that as you get closer to your goal loss can slow down a lot.

CARLYDK85 Posts: 99
7/5/14 8:41 A

Still no weight loss but I'm putting the scale away for a couple weeks while I visit my parents.

I've been really tired lately and read an article here about overtraining (honestly didn't know that was a thing) so I'm cutting back a little while I do the 28 Day Bootcamp. I'm adjusting my calorie range accordingly.

You've all been so inspiring and uplifting! More than anything else, this support has really kept me going!

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7/3/14 4:21 P

I just learned something new! When changing fitness activities the muscles tend to hold water. Thanks for teaching me this. chris

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7/3/14 12:49 P

I'm guessing you're gaining muscle and so you're actually doing everything right. As long as you're still losing inches you're OK.

MIAMOJO Posts: 72
7/1/14 6:01 P

Your exercise routine and inches lost are fantastic! Overall, your food choices are healthy. You are working hard and making progress. emoticon

A real possibility is that you are losing fat (as evidenced by the 3.5 inches lost from your waist!) and gaining muscle, so although the scale is staying in the same place, your body composition is changing. Muscle has less bulk than fat, and adding muscle increases the calories you burn even at rest.

If you want the scale to move, you may want to consider cutting back on sugar, carbs and starchy vegetables. This will automatically reduce your calorie intake. But you don't want to go hungry, so increase your intake of lean proteins and non-starchy vegetables. Experiment with trying different veggies every day so you can find some you like.

You could replace granulated sugar with stevia, which is a natural non-caloric sweetener you can get at any grocery store under the brand name Truvia. You could also replace regular bread with a low-carb wrap. Cutting carbs and increasing protein will change your metabolism by affecting the way your body produces and handles insulin. You will feel less hungry and burn more fat.

Good luck! emoticon

FANNYMANSON SparkPoints: (20,213)
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7/1/14 2:59 P

Yep, same here. When I exercise and eat more, I maintain my weight, not lose it. I have to be at the low end of the calorie range or even under it if I want to see a loss. I think it may be because calories eaten and calories burned are approximations, not 100% accurate. If it is skewed you won't really know it for sure.

PROPMAN1 Posts: 4,486
7/1/14 2:57 P

Read all the way to the first message. I can completely understand what she's going/gone through. My calorie range was the same 1200-1500, did treadmill and strength training, 20-30 minutes at least 3-5 x's/week and no change in weight. Veggies are not my thing! Can't eat brussel sprouts/peppers/grapes/etc. since i had gastro surgery. At this point i just suggest that (if you can) you not get on the scale. Prefer to use the non-scale victories/changes as my guide. emoticon

MSANITAL Posts: 8,060
6/30/14 6:43 P

Great work on the inches lost.. keep up the good work...

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
6/30/14 11:03 A

A quick glance at your tracker for the past week or so seems to show that you are not a huge fan of veggies. I don't think I saw anything other than your spinach at breakfast (great choice!), some yellow corn, and a baked potato.

You might want to consider adding a few portions of veggies to your lunches and dinners, or even as a "snack the third". Roasted mixed veggies (sweet potato, rutabaga, butternut squash, cauliflower, broccoli, parsnips, pearl onions, and carrots - all chopped in to approx. 1" cubes, spritzed with a bit of olive oil, and spiced with some garlic and onion), can be cooled and then either tossed with a dressing as a "salad" or make a great nibbler (I eat it like popcorn).

I hope that you get a chance to use one of the best features of Winnipeg: the drop-in passes to the leisure centres. When I lived there, I always picked up 3-month passes, and got to try a ton of different fitness classes - there always seemed to be something that I was interested in at a time that worked for me. I miss that here...

Kudos on how well you have done so far - I hope you update us on what you choose for your next steps!

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,229)
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6/29/14 8:36 P

I agree with PP's, great job so far! Glancing at your tracker, I see a lot of good things; I would just replace the sugar/sweets with more veggies and fruits. Maybe try having just one treat daily.

6/29/14 9:56 A

WTG on your fantastic progress!!

CARLYDK85 Posts: 99
6/28/14 10:04 P

Oh! Thanks for letting me know! I fixed that too now!

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,229)
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6/28/14 9:53 P

Your page is set to private.

CARLYDK85 Posts: 99
6/28/14 8:39 P

I love using Spark People's trackers. They work great for me. I've made my fitness and nutrition trackers available on my spark page.

Thanks for all of the support everyone!

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,229)
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6/28/14 8:11 P

Do you want to make your tracker public?

GENIE72 SparkPoints: (1,874)
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6/28/14 7:18 P


Calorie King has several tools to help with this. It calculates how many calories to eat to maintain, to lose weight, and will give you your BMI.

JASONV8 Posts: 805
6/28/14 7:05 P

You mentioned you started weight training. That is something which will of course give your muscles a denser quality which we all know muscle weight more than fat, and looks better, so that is a bonus. lol

As you know by now I am sure that your body changes sometimes without showing it on the scale, but as far as mirror, or by other means it will confirm you are better off than what you believe, and have indeed improved in your body composition.

Stay motivated.

LILHOBBIT29 SparkPoints: (21,653)
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6/28/14 4:07 P

Hurray CARLYDK85!!

Thats awesome inch-loss!! personally I generally igore the scale and only look for non scale victories!! Because life is more about how i feel, how i look, how confident i am etc THAN about a number on a scale!

Your doing awesome! Keep it up! :-)

6BALLMAN SparkPoints: (101,027)
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6/28/14 12:02 P

Nice going CARLYDK85...congrats on your success!!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,785
6/27/14 2:33 P


That's awesome! Woo hoo for you!!

Coach Jen

CARLYDK85 Posts: 99
6/27/14 2:23 P

I have certainly had non scale victories over the last few years. Through the last six weeks specifically I've noticed an increase of energy and better mood.

Coach Jen, I was surprised to find that I entered in body measurements at the end of April. After measuring today, I found that I've lost 3.5 inches off my waist and 1 off my hips. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. This is more than enough to boost my motivation and allay my concerns.

LILHOBBIT29 SparkPoints: (21,653)
Fitness Minutes: (17,739)
Posts: 2,264
6/27/14 2:05 P


Coach Jen will have the perfect answers, so I'll leave that to her.

But just curious, surely you must ahve noticed some positive changes.. non scale victories?! I think that the body has mysterious ways and every person's body is different. As long as you are getting some positive signs, you must be doing something right. And you must use that/those positive signs as fuel for carrying on in the right direction.

Good luck!

CARLYDK85 Posts: 99
6/25/14 9:05 P

Thanks for your support and feedback. I've made my nutrition and fitness trackers public and I'm going to get someone to help me with measurements. I've updated my fitness to reflect 2000 calories burned per week(closer to what spark people predicts) until I have a chance to use my heart rate monitor for a couple weeks to get a more personal/accurate number.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,785
6/25/14 7:21 P

Congrats on your weight loss so far! I would update your calories burned goal to reflect how much exercise you're doing, and see what that does to your calorie range. Also try taking your measurements once a month or so. You might just need to give it a little more time to see results, and I think making your tracker public for feedback might also help.

Coach Jen

CARLYDK85 Posts: 99
6/25/14 2:36 P

I certainly don't always eat perfectly, but I do try to track very closely. Most of my food either goes on my food scale or in a measuring cup/spoon. I'm going to try to make my food tracker public.

My original starting weight was 265lbs back in 2010. I lost 75lbs in the first two years and maintained at 190(give or take 5lbs) through breast reduction surgery and recovery at the end of 2012/beginning of 2013. Since I started tracking regularly again, I weigh myself about once a week, sometimes once every two weeks. I've been at 193/192lbs since I started in May.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,785
6/25/14 1:24 P

Do you feel like you are tracking your food carefully? It might help if you made your nutrition tracker public on your SparkPage so that members could give feedback on how you might be able to tweak your diet. When it comes to weight loss, the majority of your progress will come from diet, not exercise. That's why it's important to be diligent with tracking.

Any time you make changes to your exercise program, your muscles tend to retain water, which can cause a temporary increase on the scale (or mask any losses you would have had otherwise.) So adding strength training might be part of the reason you're not seeing big changes.

What was your starting weight and what is your weight today? How often are you weighing yourself? Do you measure yourself regularly? Sometimes you'll see a loss of inches even if the scale isn't moving.

Coach Jen

CARLYDK85 Posts: 99
6/25/14 10:29 A

I've been trying to lose weight again for about 6 weeks now. For the first three weeks or so my recommended calorie range was 1200-1500 and all I was doing was walking about 10-30min per day. Once I started to increase that time and add in some strength training, my calorie range went up to 1500-1800. This is the range I'm eating in right now. I do still get a warning in my fitness tracker that I may be eating too little(my goal for calorie burn is set at 1500 but I usually show about 2000-2200 by the end of the week). I'm nervous to update my goals, because in the past when I used a hrm it showed that I wasn't burning as much as spark thought I was, but I'm also not losing any weight(190-195 since I started 6 weeks ago). Am I eating too little still? What am I doing wrong?

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