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1/23/14 4:42 A

It is also important to realise that your body needs a pretty good amount of calories just to function (heartbeat, breathing, brain function etc.). My gym had this machine which gave an estimate of how many I needed and I was surprised to find it was 1600! I'm 24 roughly 130lbs and very active (I'm military) but I never expected such a high number.

The way the health and wellness rep explained it to me I MUST consume at least 1600 calories per day, when I workout I need to give my body more if I want to lose weight don't give as much as I burned but still some.

So I start at 1600 say I burn 400 working out that makes 2000 and if I want to lose weight I'll only eat 1700-1800 and my body can help make up the difference by burning fat. When I started following this method I saw WAY more results.

Good luck!


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1/23/14 4:20 A

I'm glad that you are resetting your range. Given your current weight AND your exercise, it is likely that you would need to eat more at the higher end of the 1600 calories, until you have lost some weight.

As an extra, I am not much taller than you, and was a little heavier, but didn't get much exercise - only walking a little - due to skeletal issues. I still lost a significant amount of weight on 1400 calories (no range.) Had I done a lot more exercise, I would have needed more calories.


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1/22/14 10:23 P

Definitely too low. You're right around where I was when I started. My range in the beginning, before I started exercising at all, was 1200-1550. When I started moving more (running), my range went up to 1500-1850. I lost steadily the entire time, and have been in maintenance for several months now.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
1/22/14 8:59 P

Remember that food isn't just calories. The reason SparkPeople (and any responsible medical professional) say to stay at or above 1200 calories is that it's the smallest amount of food that will give an average woman enough nutrients to stay healthy. When you go below 1200 calories, it's almost impossible to meet your daily requirements for calcium, iron, protein, fiber, vitamins, and so on. Eating 1200 is no guarantee that you'll get everything you need, but it gives you a fighting chance if you choose carefully. At 1000 calories, there's no way you were getting everything you need.

1/22/14 6:08 P

Thanks everybody. I'll definitely reset it back to 1300 - 1600. I don't want to lose muscle, that's for sure!

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1/22/14 4:45 P

how did you feel at the 1300-1650 level? if you didn't try it, i would say to start out by trying out the range to see how you feel in it and how it works.

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1/22/14 4:45 P

I'd stick with the calories that SP gave you. At your height and with the amount of exercise you're getting, 1300-1600 is a good number.

1/22/14 4:02 P

Sparkpeople recommends that you don't eat less than 1200 calories a day. If you are exercising you need to eat more than that so that your body can refuel and rebuild.

1/22/14 3:56 P

I was changing my Calorie Goal in my Tracker. It was 1300 - 1600. I lowered it to 1000 - 1200. I'm 5'5" and currently around 200 lbs. I try to get 15 minutes of free weights in on the days I don't go to the gym. When I get to the gym it's a 5K power walk on the treadmill plus a circuit of the weight machines (normally 3x/week, but the weather has kept me in this past week).

I don't want to feel hungry all the time. Thanks for your help.

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