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11/6/12 9:40 P

I'm so sorry to hear about your struggles with binging. I've totally been there and I know how you feel. It really, really, REALLY sucks - especially when you have no one to confide in.

I used to have big problems with binging up until fairly recently. What helped me is reminding myself how incredibly crappy I felt post-binge, and how good it feels to consistently stick to healthy eating. Binging feels good while you're shoveling the food down, but the moment that food is gone you're left feeling physically and emotionally sick. I think in most cases binging stems from emotional stress, so if you can try to pinpoint what is triggering this and attempt to substitute something else that is also a comfort, that may help. For example - I started taking hot showers, would schedule massage appointments, watch one of my favorite movies, or even take a nap. All these things provide comfort to me and helped me abstain from binging.

Also - make sure you are not depriving yourself. I feel like I was in the habit of binging when I didn't have anything sweet/salty to satisfy those cravings. I now usually have a snack/dessert after dinner, and it's always something small like two fat free devil's food cookies or a peanut butter & chocolate granola bar. Not the healthiest choices but compared to eating an entire bag of cookies it is a lot better. I don't think the cravings will ever completely go away. I had two cookies about 30 minutes ago and could easily eat more, but the box is here sitting next to me and I haven't touched it and know that I won't. I think it just takes some practice + success to overcome your binges. Good luck, you can do it. :) You're not alone in this!

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Okay you have vented and can now create a new scenario for yourself where you are no longer a binger. You can be someone who has alternatives to binging like eating a bag of arugala instead of the bread and peanut butter. I actually did this when I was getting used to my new healthy lifestyle. Every time you make a healthy choice is progress. The best way I have found to overcome a habit is to substitute something else in it's place. Maybe you could use some activity like some focused yoga breathing, ten minutes of cleaning/tidying, a computer game, walk or dance to a favorite song. Silly stuff can work too.
Move forward and have positive affirmations easily accessible for your trigger times.

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11/6/12 6:44 P

I know what you mean. I was so gun hoe for a few weeks and then I got sick....well I slacked and then I caught myself last night just eating eating even though I wasnt hungry. I told myself today I wasnt going to do it again but after eating whatever the past few days bc of being sick I feel like I still need to eat. For a few weeks I could eat a little and stop...I still get the things I love but I only treated myself once a day.....I am praying I can get back to it again. I dont blame you for wanting to vent...Im right there with you. I am so flippin mad at myself!! Good luck!

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11/6/12 6:17 P

Sorry, I just need a place to vent. I am SO unbelievably frustrated today. I was keeping any and all trigger foods out of the house, and it was working well for a few weeks. The other day, I was at the grocery store and I thought that I would do ok with bringing home some sandwich thins and La Tortilla Factory tortillas (bread is a BIG trigger for me, but I figured these would be safer options).

Fast forward to last night, where I had the strongest cravings to have some of the sandwich thins and tortillas, but I brushed my teeth, drank water, went to bed early, did everything right.....until I woke up again at 2 in the morning with intense urges to eat. Since I was half-asleep, my defenses were down, and I ended up going crazy and eating 8 or 9 of the sandwich thins/tortillas--with LOTS of peanut butter! (which is normally not a trigger so I'm ok with keeping it in the house, but can clearly be dangerous)

I woke up this morning determined to make it a healthier day and resuming to normal meals, and I was doing fine, up until this afternoon, when I got this huge rush of anxiety over the binge and trying to figure out how I could make up for it throughout the week. Ironically, the only way for me to ease my anxiety was to binge....again.

I'm just so unbelievably frustrated that just a few weak moments can literally wipe out an ENTIRE week's progress in terms of weight loss. I'm seeing a therapist regularly, but things are difficult right now because I don't have anybody in my personal life that I feel comfortable reaching out to when I'm about to binge. I'm blessed with many supportive people in my life, but none of them struggle with this problem (or overeating of any kind) and I just can't bring myself to talk to them about it.

AHHHH sorry ok just needed to vent. Thanks!

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