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1/30/13 2:23 A

tht is good

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1/30/13 2:05 A

Forgot to mention my weight. It is 125.6 pounds as per this morning. Spark tells me to eat
Your Daily Goal: 1,350 - 1,700

Don't think i an survive on lower number

ROXIGIRL SparkPoints: (89,153)
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1/30/13 2:01 A

Thank you for all your comments. I will give one more try to oatbran. Didn't work in the past for me , whats why i prefer to stick to something i actually enjoy eating in the morning. I cant have meat like turkey or any similar protein in the morning as my stomach is very sensitive and i will be paying for it for hours if no days.

Somehow in the past 12 months i managed to put on 5 pounds. It could be because i have increased my running distance. But weight increase is weight increase and i don't care if this is muscles if my jeans feel tighter in my thighs.

I eat around 1700 calories a day in average. And sometimes I am not to bothered to track so you will see like 1200 calories on my food tracker.

I have been trying to loose those extra few pounds for so long. Unfortunately is not happening. And there is no way I can eat less. For some people hunger its not such a big deal. For me it is as I beginning to feel very weak, my sugar goes down and I can black out.
Very frustrating.

1/29/13 8:58 P

Based on what the earlier post said, I would add this. I told my doctor, "it's odd, I seem to get less hungry when I eat fewer sweets," and she said, "not odd, it makes total sense. When you eat sweets you get a shot of insulin and that makes you hungrier." The same thing, I would add, goes for white things like bread, white rice, white potatoes and so forth. The earlier post is correct. Trade in the candy for more fruit and go for something other than grapes, bananas or mangoes. Try citrus, apples, berries, melon, and so forth. Protein is essential. I eat tons and tons of vegetables, measure my salad dressing, and get protein at every meal. My carbs come from the veggies and also from beans in chili and salads. You probably need between 1500-2000 kc if you are exercising a lot. Fuel your body! It will pay you back triple, I promise.

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1/29/13 8:09 P

I took the liberty of looking at your trackers (thanks for sharing, that helps a lot!) and noticed a few things.

1) You work out A LOT. But you're only getting around 1500-1600 calories a day. Sometime even less (I see one day with less than 1,200 caloriesWhat is your current weight, target weight loss goal per week, and target weight?

2) I see regular candy intake; occasional treats are just fine, but these seem to be replacing real nutrition, and that's bringing your total calorie count up with little benefit. You're eating around 200-250 calories of sweets a day; that's not going to keep fueling 8+ mile runs and other workouts.

3) I see VERY little vegetables. You've been good about your grapes, but I see no other fruits or veggies in your intake at all. More vegetables are crucial! You're getting at most 1-2 servings a day. You should have at least three times that. Vegetables can give you a lot more filling fiber and other stuff to keep you fuller longer, without adding a lot of calories.

4) Your breakfasts are very carb heavy. Carbs are critical, especially for runners, but they're not so good on the sticking-to-your-ribs thing. Instead of 3 pieces of bread, you may want to find something heavier in the protein section. I've found I HAVE to have protein to function; I do better with a couple of turkey sausage patties than I do a whole grain bagel... even when the calorie counts are the same.

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1/29/13 5:09 P

I don't eat first thing in the morning because it wakes up my stomach and makes me hungry.

I get up at 6 am and drink tea, I'm not hungry so I wait until 10 to eat breakfast. If I eat when I wake up I'm hungry all morning.

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1/29/13 5:05 P

I find a lot of the time when I'm hungry it helps if I drink water. I'm also a coffee addict (with milk) so that practically counts as a snack. I see you snack a lot on fruit and stuff... it honestly doesn't seem that bad to me!

One thing you *could* perhaps try is more fatty foods. More nuts or avocados, for instance.

Are you still actually trying to lose weight? Or are you basically maintaining and feeding your running training? Because it could also be that you can gradually increase your calories altogether. We're not meant to be eating 1600 calories for the rest of our lives. :)

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1/29/13 5:00 P

More protein doesn't do it for me either. But more fiber does. I see that most days you eat bread and jelly for breakfast. The bread looks whole grain so that's good, but the jelly's doing nothing for you. Maybe try a different breakfast like oatmeal or muesli? And add a piece of fruit to it? I last for hours on oatmeal with apples. Bread and jelly and I'd be hungry by 9am too.

ROXIGIRL SparkPoints: (89,153)
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1/29/13 4:05 P

I don't know if anyone else has same problem but i feel hungry too often more my liking. I would have my breakfast around 7 am as I get up very early. By 9 am i am hungry again. Its like never ending story. I keep munching all day long. On the positive side my appetite is little in the evening. Tried eating more protein, does not help. The only thing which keeps me fuller for longer are carbs.

I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

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