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10/25/12 11:13 P

How about something like a cold stuffed baked potato (with things like onion, various coloured capsicum) cottage cheese, a little Reduced Fat Tasty Cheddar, and hard boiled egg. They are yummy, and the cold potato actually ends up being lower GI than hot, so is more filling. The egg and cottage cheese is good protein. Add your piece of fruit to it as well. A lot of competitive athletes use the cold baked potato as a 'before' food.


TACDGB Posts: 6,136
10/25/12 10:29 P

how about your own mini pizza made with a pita pocket as the crust. loaded with veggies lean meats and cheese. I love those once in awhile.

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10/25/12 3:20 P

What about some kind of soup? I made a "chicken pot pie" soup this past weekend that had 25 g of protein per 1.5 cups (I built in the tracker). The carbs were high at 37 but that's mainly because of the potatoes that could easily be left out or reduced, I didn't find that they added much to it. This is the recipe
I used 1.5 cups of chicken broth instead of the bouillon she mentions, and think I had a little less than 16oz of chicken.

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10/25/12 2:58 P

These are some good ideas so keep them coming. Just be sure to keep the protein on pace to match 4-6 oz of lunchmeat. This has to get me through about 3 hours of working out but not leave me feeling bloated at the start

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10/25/12 2:48 P

I love a sandwich now and then. Usually now I make a wrap or a pita sandwich. I love putting some low fat jalapeno cheese in a pita pocket and microwave it for one minute. Yummmmm

CAH-RD Posts: 1,084
10/25/12 1:05 P

I break up a sandwich routine with using other forms of starches like whole grain tortillas, pitas, english muffins, etc. It gives me enough vareity to keep me interested.

I love making my own "Egg McMuffin" using a 100% whole wheat english muffin with an egg + a slice of cheese. You can add an extra egg if you want extra protein. An english muffin is usually only around 22g carbs though.

Edit: Eh, you were looking for 25g carbs - pretty close! :)

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10/24/12 9:48 A

You could change your bread to a wrap and add some veggies to get your carbs up a bit. Blacke bean with cheese and salsa. White chili. A salad with chickpeas and whatever meat you normally like. Cottage cheese with some fruit or stuffed in a pepper with some chicken salad.

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10/24/12 9:35 A

So I've done some experimenting, and found that for me the best pre-workout meal is honestly just a simple sandwich and apple 3 hours before I start. That gives me enough time that I don't have stuff settling in my stomach, and the complex carbs from the bread, along with fructose maybe, give me the energy and the protein keeps me feeling good as well.

Its just that its starting to get a little repetative, so are there any other ideas that are about the same nutrition wise as my sandwich? Looking for about 300 cal, 25g carbs, 30g protein, can have up to about 10g fat. Any more than that and I feel sluggish (tried avacado and almonds and such, didn't work. Slice of cheese makes it delicious tho and no ill effects)

I'm at work when I'd like to eat this which is a bit of a damper, but I do have access to a fridge and microwave. Any thoughts?

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