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12/13/13 10:12 P

My cable company has a fitness tv on demand channel with different exercise videos. I used to do those. I also have a Wii that I'll play on occasion. You don't get nearly the workout of doing an elliptical workout, but at least its moving, right?

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12/13/13 10:08 P

Ahh! Thanks so much you guys for your suggestions :) !

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,822
12/13/13 9:14 A

When I'm a little sore or tired, but I want to move, I'll put on some music and just "dance" around my living room. You just have to move enough to get your heart rate up. Once I'm warm, I may throw in some 30 second bursts of jumping jacks, butt kickers, high knees, jump squats, etc. to get some extra calorie burn, but you can adjust to what you feel up to given your level of soreness. Then do a good 10-15 minute stretch afterwards.

Jessica Smith has some videos on YouTube that are low impact, FitnessBlender has some new low impact videos that you may try out (they tend to be a little advanced in their other videos, so it may be a bit much otherwise). I also like Dana Lee's kickboxing and other videos on her RealFitTV channel on YouTube.

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12/12/13 1:59 P

If you decide to go to the gym and want to do something other than the elliptical, try the rowing machine (assuming that your gym has one). Check out the link below for technique. You could also ask one of the employees about the rowing machine (technique). I'd say to start with 5 or 10 minutes at a time until you get used to it and then increase the time. The rowing machine is a great workout for the whole body. I keep track of my workouts and found that over time, I have improved a lot on the rowing machine.

There are also a lot of different workouts that you can do on the treadmill. A quick Google search for treadmill workouts will offer a lot of variety. You can even find a good many treadmill workouts on Pinterest. They vary in length and difficulty.

You could try the stationary bike or spinning bike. Both bikes can be a good workout but they are still different from each other. Personally, I like the seat on the stationary bike better (bigger/more comfortable) than the seats on the spinning bike. I like the fact that the spinning bike is more like riding a bike outside than when using the stationary bike.

As the other poster said, try some of the videos online. I'm sure you could also find some videos on youtube.

Rowing Machine:

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12/12/13 12:54 P

Coach Nicole videos! You can stream them from the site here. There are also great videos on You Tube.

I started my fitness makeover by using Leslie Sansone DVDs. In fact, that was my cardio for the first 50 pounds of my 80 pound loss!

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12/12/13 12:49 P

Let me preface this by saying I started getting "serious" within the past two weeks so I'm a newbie!

Normally I'd just go hit up the elliptical, but today I am feeling so sore from my strength training (it was yesterday) so that is sort of discouraging me from doing that. Also, it's extremely cold out/snow everywhere so I don't really feel the motivation to go walking outside. Granted, I'll PROBABLY end up just going to the gym the more I think about it and the more I continue to write this, but in the future perhaps you guys could help me out with this:

What are some good indoor cardio. activities?

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