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5/1/14 10:48 A

We in the same decade, so I have some experience with mobility issues that seem to crop up more frequently.

Website with mobility issues DVDs

Perhaps Tai Chi could be gentle enough and as you grow stronger, it adapts.

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5/1/14 7:30 A

69 and recovering from a broken ankle as a result of a skiing accident on February 1. Have kept upper body strength using Coach Nicole's seated exercises, with weights. I love her clear instructions and moderate pace and am very grateful there was a way to avoid too much muscle loss over this 3-month period.
The easiest way to access them, for me, was to go to the bottom of the Limited Mobility page, where the strength, core, and cardio videos are listed.

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5/1/14 12:25 A

Ck with your doctor but I too have arthritis in my knee - the right one is missing a lot of cartilage so cycling is what they had me do in physical therapy, along with limited elliptical training - forward only and no incline. emoticon

Swimming and water aerobics may be okay - there is a lot you can do in the water without overworking your knee. I do a lot of skulling - lying on my back and moving forward and back with just my arms. You can also swim using mostly your arms - back stroke, crawl, breaststroke (go very easy kicking out to the side) and learn the sidestroke - the scissors kick is sometimes the easiest because you don't need to bend the knee much at all. emoticon

Another exercise that works for me is to go to the park and sit on the swings. I get moving pretty well then primarily use my good leg to keep up the momentum, and shifting my body weight. It beats mowing the lawn but that too burns calories if you can do so comfortably and not causing pain. emoticon

Lots of seated exercises, lifting weights with the arms, crunches, bending over at the waist and twisting - remember old fashioned calisthenics? - combinations of stretches and movement. There are several yoga styles and some will give you a great workout without hurting yourself. Just modify or skip those poses. And don't forget the stretchy resistance bands. emoticon

You might want your doctor to refer you to a good PT office. Physical therapists can give you a home routine that will improve your body, balance your muscle groups, get you stronger and then keep you in better shape so you don't get reinjured. emoticon

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4/30/14 9:05 A

Thanks so much for the link. I haven't learned my way around the website completely yet.

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4/30/14 8:58 A

BORNTEXAN1954 SparkPoints: (13,505)
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4/30/14 8:53 A

I will be 60 in August and I have been trying to find exercises to do. I can't stand or walk more than 10 minutes at a time.

I had been doing chair DVD's. Does anyone have any experience with losing weight with chair DVD's or know of anyone who has?

Then I found a sit and step exerciser at Amazon. It's not a cycle. You pump your feet up and down kind of like walking and I was doing well. I can tell I've lost some in my thighs. Then my husband found my old recumbent exercise bike and after using it for 3 days I can hardly walk. Sometimes my knee buckles when I walk. I can't even extend my knee straight when I'm sitting on my recliner without it hurting.

Also when you do strength training at home do you do it standing or sitting?

Does anyone have any other ideas for exercise for people with limited mobility.

Thanks for your help! emoticon

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