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I suffer this eating certain foods- your doctor needs a telling off for not giving you advice what to do about it before leaving his consultation rooms.. People suffering this sort of situation get very ill and are unable to help themself once a attack is in progress.. For example people allergic to pencillin- my mother swelled up while a doctor was treating her for infections from a serious car accident.. She almost died and has to wear a allergy band or necklace at all times.. You should be asking questions there and then in the doctors or hospital doctor office- if your rolled over by what a doctor will say take someone with you whom can digest what is said and can repeat instructions when you have calmed down..

I can't imagine a doctor not giving some sort of advice to avoid attacks- if they didn't perhaps good advice change doctors.. There are still alot of doctors out there that take for granted people understand what they are talking about.. Sometimes people are in so much shock that vital must listen to information flies past their ears..

I hope you find solutions.. You have this exercise alot of people around me don't understand I have it really bad to some types of food.. I have to police what I eat not to be accidently killed..
I am a real show stopper when this happens to me!

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I agree with Coach Nancy - you should definitely be talking to your doctor about what exercise (and what intensity) you can safely do.

One possibility you may want to ask your doc about might be swimming or water walking. It is low in impact, and the water helps prevent you from overheating.


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Have you spoken to your doctor about what exercises he/she advises you to do? While SparkPeople is a wonderful community for support, encouragement and general advice, when a member has any questions related to a medical condition or illness, it is really outside the scope of practice for our experts and members to offer his/her input, especially when it comes to something such as this. Allergies and their treatment vary widely, so what works for one person may be contraindicated in your situation.

So you may want to contact your doctor to see what he/she advises since he/she has full access to your medical history.

I wish you well!
Coach Nancy

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1/23/12 4:51 P

I was diagnosed with Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis about 2 1/2 years ago (I know I've had it since I was about 16 though). Basically, I'm allergic to exercise! A nice excuse to have except not so much when you're trying to lose weight! My hands and feet swell and almost my entire body starts itching horribly when I do exercise that involves jarring motion (running, often even walking, many moves in DVD's). I have a stationary bike at home which I use but I get tired of doing the same thing and fear my body will adjust to it and I won't see any weight loss. I have the Insanity videos which I can do some of but found that since a lot of it is plyometric that it causes the reaction and I have to stop. I was told that I could take a double dose of an allergy medicine about 1-2 hours prior to working out which may help but I'm hesitant to do that. Is there anyone else out there that has this? How do you get in a good quality, cardio workout? Also, do you find allergy medicine helps? Other suggestions?I have about 25 lbs to lose.

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