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10/19/12 7:33 P

Gigi-Nicole - YUM! I'm gonna try that. How many calories did you calculate for the baked apples?

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10/19/12 12:20 P


Take a deep breathe... you did NOT gain three pounds of fat in a day because you ate a brownie and some treats !! In order to truly "gain" 3 pounds of fat would have required you to have eaten 10,500 calories worth of treats. Some how, I don't think you ate that many calories worth of brownies.

Why did you "gain" three pounds ? Easy, water retention. Ever notice your weight goes up during TOM ? Most women tend to gain weight during their menstrual cycle. Is that a fat gain ? nope, it's nothing more than a temporary water weight gain that passes in a few days.

Shoot, I can gain as much as 3-4 pounds in a day because of water retention. I don't let if freak me out any more because I know it's just a temporary gain.

Also, not to get TMI, but did you have a bowel movement before you weighed yourself ? The fact is, your body's waste products (poop) have weight. So, if you don't have a bowel movement in the morning, the physical weight of all the food/drink you had the day before is still in your body. That in turn will cause the scale to go UP even though you might have eaten less than 1500 calories for the day. The food you eat has weight. the water you drink has weight. your poop has weight. All these things effect the scale.

That's why you can't beat yourself up because the scale went up. It's not because you ate too many carbs. it's just the physical weight of the food, that's all.

As far as craving treats, it's okay to have a treat now and then. Spark People isn't about deprivation. it's all about moderation and portion control. there is absolutely no reason you can't have a treat once in a while, just watch your portion size. And if you do have more than one, that doesn't make you a bad person or an unhealthy one.

Do your best to eat more servings of fresh fruit and veggies. Do your best to eat more mindfully. everything will be fine. no need to beat yourself up.

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10/19/12 12:02 P

You are (I hope) living a life, not a diet. Occasionally doing odd things is fine; what you don't want is an overall feeling of deprivation because that leads to really messy choices.

Good success to you.

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10/19/12 8:22 A

I’d been craving apple anything. Crisp, pie, you name it. I baked apples instead!!! I cut them in half, I then scooped out the core. I used 1/4 a teaspoon of maple syrup (any kind of syrup would do), mixed cinnamon with oats (put 1/2 teaspoon of the mixture per half), and baked for 25-30 minutes. They were SO good!!! Exactly the comfort food I wanted without so many calories.

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10/19/12 6:42 A

There is no way on earth that you would have truly gained 3lb in one day due to food. That equates to 10,500 calories in EXCESS of your base calories.

What you MAY have experienced is an increase in fluid - some people find that this happens when they eat a lot of processed carbs as in sugary, floury stuff. ALSO, what you ate would still have been in your system - the weight of it! That could EASILY account for that and I can quite honestly tell you that (in the interests of a 'scientific mind' I have weighed immediately prior to going to the loo, and again after, and the weight difference can be significantly more than that.

A high percentage of people will gain that amount of weight in a day. That is why it is really best to not focus on weight, but rather a range of factors - how clothes fit, energy levels, condition of hair/skin etc. etc.

I often suggest, and practice myself, the 'eat whatever I want' one day every couple weeks, and the rest of the time, nearing the lower end of my calorie range. This really helps to stop the binging/craving because your mind knows that it will be getting what it wants, just at a later time. I have been known to crave/binge on the very odd occasion, but the next day I am back to my very healthy food and well within my calorie range. This isn't about deprivation - but rather a wise choice of foods MOST of the time. Just pick yourself up and get started again and don't go beating yourself up!


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10/19/12 4:23 A

Try to recognise that you're probably only craving them because you already got a taste of them having fallen off the wagon and eaten poorly in the last day. It's just the "inner brat" shaking its fists and demanding a sweetie. Who's in charge - the adult, or the inner brat? :)

10/18/12 10:40 P

So, I fell off the wagon. Not just a little, but a whole days worth of falling off. I was a beautiful 150 and then gained 3 pounds in one day due to my falling off. Now. I'm sitting here, wanting something sweet. Anything sweet really. It's past 7pm my time and I don't snack after that. I usually drink decaffeinated green tea or water for the rest of the night until the morning breakfast. Craving sweets! Not just any sweets either. Pie, cupcakes, cookies, brownies...ya know the things that are 98 percent carbs! HELP!!! I don't know what to do!!

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