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MARTINT011 Posts: 274
3/10/14 10:49 A

get lots of rest and eat healthy. emoticon

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3/9/14 7:37 A

What is your toddler consuming?
I know all children are different but we noticed a huge change in my nephew when processed foods (cereals, crackers, etc) were introduced into his diet. Prior to that he was eating all pureed whole foods made by my other sister before she moved. That sister still feeds her kids all natural and have a much more even demeanor. Could be coincidence.

SWEETMARYMAY SparkPoints: (5,647)
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3/3/14 12:40 A

Can you take a hot bath when dad gets home? I too have been relying on wine to wind down at the end of the day. Just cut it out 2 days ago. Just made a commitment for 2 weeks. I stead I make myself a yummy healthy dessert that I know I can look forward to. Good luck girl. You can do it!!

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2/10/14 5:59 P

Can really help get & keep you in shape

PIZZIEHL Posts: 11
2/10/14 12:30 P

I have one of those super active, super crazy (albeit super adorable) toddlers that is basically way too smart for her age and way too fearless. Let's just say "limiting screen time" with her is not a problem---keeping her from jumping off the kitchen counters is....

The problem is this: I have been pretty good at watching the calories (and types thereof) and hitting the gym, but at the end of the day I just cannot seem to cut the nightcap out. I know two glasses of wine is 200+ calories times four to five nights a week would quickly speed up my weight loss regimen if I cut them, but at the end of the day, herbal tea just doesn't cut it. I have spent the whole day running around like a lunatic, and it seems to be the best thing at calming me down after the storm.

Anyone have some calorie free, stress tips, for when you are about at your wits end with a little one and Daddy is still is commuting home in Chicago traffic??? I keep telling myself this winter cannot last forever, but mother nature seems to think otherwise..... Thanks!

P.S. I already do yoga.

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