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2/13/12 11:46 A

I didn't feel any different after getting married. There is that incredulous feeling like 'oh my gosh, we're married now' and I think it takes time if you change your name to get used to that. But my husband & my relationship hasn't changed at all. It's still awesome.

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2/12/12 11:08 P

Didn't feel any different after N and I got married, other then it was over and dun with - I really didn't understand all the fuss and muss that people where talking about when it comes to weddings.

We had a good morning wake up call the day of our wedding

Got up, did what we needed to do had breakfast

We walked down to the hairdresser who was going to do my hair for my wedding, got my hair dun

Then we walked over to shoppers drug mart to pick up a few items that I needed (get my script filled for insulin, more meds, some hair guck for him).

Got what we needed, headed back home (stopped at a local bagel shop got a bagel between us to eat)

Came home and started getting ready (me in my folks room N in our room - my folks wouldn't let him see me once I started putting on my gown for some superstitious reason).

My uncle came and picked N up and drove him to the location we where getting married at, once he'd left my folks let me out of their room and took a number of shots of me in my wedding dress (some with my mom, some with my pup, but dad never got a shot of him and I dun unfortunately).

After the photo's my folks tossed everything into the van, we made sure my pup was alright and we headed for the place I was getting married.

Arrived and had to wait in the van for a good hour place - so I was playing on my phone (tweeting, facebook, etc) or reading the book I had taken with me, that and playing on my game boy while waiting to be able to get into the location.

Finally was able to get into the place, but wasn't allowed up to the room because not everyone had arrived, so I had to wait in an area on the lower floor (which meant more playing on my phone to pass the time).

Finally the rest of the guest arrived (there had been an accident on the main freeway into the city which delayed half of them) and things started.

My dad walked me down the isle where N was waiting for me - he looked about ready to fall down (and in truth he was close to having an epileptic attack, but was fighting to not do his fish out of water dance).

One thing is for sure, N was more nervous about the marriage ceremony then I was, I was more concerned about his health and keeping him up and not having to end up at the ER then worried about anything else that day.

But we made it though, he was able to take an extra dosage of his medication that helped (though it did put a damper on his energy levels) after that my dad took us out to get some wedding photo's dun (my folks gift to us was doing our wedding, my dad was a professional wedding photographer our wedding was his retirement from the industry).

Got the photos taken and came back in side to mingle till it was announced that dinner was ready to be served, at which point we went to be seated.

After eating things where cleared away and more mingling was dun - the quartet we'd hired played celtic style music in the back ground and we just mingled with the guests and at one point a song caught my attention and I dragged N onto the "dance floor" and we had our dance (such as it was) but I never did get the "official" father-daughter dance that my dad had been looking forwards to.

Things started to wind down at which point it was decided that the gifts that had been given to us where to be opened, so we did that and got a nice wolf print (where both into wolves) plus got some cash and other fun items.

After the gifts we set up to cut our wedding cake (though lovely the place we got it from, had actually skrued up the order - right outside decoration wrong inside favors) after the wedding cake was cut and passed around things slowed down and by 7pm things where started to settle down that it was time to pack things up and head for home.

Most of the guests had left by time N and I where getting ready to leave, which was alright with us - the tab was paid in full and we helped my folks get everything into their van to take back to the house. Dad saw us to my car (a friend had driven it for me to the location for me to drive back in) dad got a few shots of us in my car (lets say trying to drive in the dress and the shoes was nun to easy - thankfully no one pulled the tin can trick on us so didn't have that to worry about).

We drove off followed by my folks in their van, arrived home got upstairs and opened the bedroom door and had N to a fast hold of me over the threshold as he couldn't actually carry me over it.

After that I grabbed my evening dress put it on and we went down stairs for some more shots that my dad wished to take of us. After which we retired to our room for the rest of the evening (which meant I was back on twitter as we he - both of us tweeting what had gone on plus catching up with stuff).

Managed to get to bed about 2am, got up about 10am had breakfast showered and proceeded to pack the car for our honeymoon down in Niagara Falls, Ontario. We where on the road heading for the falls by noon and arrived at our destination about 2pm, got checked in and settled before heading out for the first of many walks along the falls.

We'd spend the week at the falls seeing the sights, playing a few rounds in the arcade and in general enjoying our time together.

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2/12/12 1:26 A

I'd love to see messages about how you felt after the wedding. As for me it went really well and I am happy to be married to my honi. Look forward to other stories.

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