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1/8/12 11:08 P

Tonight is my second day trying to be very intentional about eating and I have really been struggling with the munchies. I managed to snag some cereal (an improvement over what I was really craving) and am now uncomfortably full. I like the idea of making this time after the kids are asleep my special de-stress "take care of myself" time.

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1/8/12 3:10 P

Thanks Ladies! These are great ideas. :)

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1/8/12 1:41 P

They're BOTH asleep? At the same time? (Yippee!)
THIS IS YOUR GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. First, drink some water. You've been stressed and your body needs it. Thirst sometimes comes disguised as hunger. Run yourself a bubblebath. Get the kids used to hearing that sound when they've gone to bed. Have a nice soak for yourself, then have a couple of those baby carrots to crunch on and something hot and soothing, like tea with lemon and honey or some reduced calorie hot cocoa. Put on some moisturizer and snuggly pjs. If you don't want to watch TV, get in a chapter or two of that book or magazine you've been meaning to read (if only everybody would stop hanging on you!). You'll sleep like a log and a well-rested Mommy is a more capable Mommy. I'm not saying every day will be a walk in a park, but you'll be less likely to spazz out when the kids decide it's a good idea to wipe Spaghettios off their faces on your living room sheers. (you think I'm kidding, but...LOL)
This is the voice of experience talking here--if you don't take time to take care of you--no one else will think you're important or special enough to, either! This is a teaching opportunity for your boys--ALL GIRLS ARE SPECIAL, ESPECIALLY OUR MOM. And someday, you'll have daughter-in-laws who are euphoric about how they're treated instead of harping to Dear Abby about their lives.
Now, go be nice to you! And on the plus side, those carrots will help to sharpen the eyes you have to have in the back of your head to keep up with boys. (I know, they pop out with that final push of childbirth)
Good luck,

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1/8/12 7:28 A

Add me then, darling!!! LOL! I lost 112.5 lbs before I got struck with a knee injury that made me almost completely lose all motivation-plus my s/o was not complaining. I re-re-re-re-re-re-joined on the second of this month, as I have put back on in the last four years about 95 emm effing pounds of all that weight I lost. GROWL.

Anyway, as far as night-time snacking goes, I think if you doooo find yourself heading to the kitchen, be sure to have fresh crunchy veggies and fruits, and add it to your nutrition tracker ahead of time so as to make sure to have it accounted for. That with a mug of hot tea should help you not go too overboard, if at all. OR if it is because of boredom, do a whole mind-over-matter thing-because we have to control our own bodies, and realize that we choose whether or not we mindlessly munch.(I am telling myself this, as well, m'kay?) Get a book. Start taking up crocheting or knitting in order to keep your hands busy while the boys are sleeping, maybe?

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1/8/12 6:47 A

I can eat healthy all day, but when the boys go to bed (husband usually in his home office or playing video games etc)... I find myself heading for the kitchen. Any ideas on how to keep strong late in the day? I really want to meet my goals, but the late night snacks are not helping.... can you????

ps I joined Spark People a few years ago, and then promptly forgot about it. Just recently started back. Would love to add to my support network and would welcome friend adds from like-minded folks. :)

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