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Facing the same issue. Maintenance is hard and the same pressures that can interfere with losing can also wreak havoc with maintaining. For me, work interfered (or I allowed work to interfere) with my workout. I used to spend hours on a bike, hike etc on the weekends and this last year, I have had to work many, many weekends. I am so exhausted from work that when I have a weekend off, I just want to sleep. But I think that is just another sign that I am not keeping myself in good physical shape. I have committed to making exercise a daily priority again because I hate what I am seeing!

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What I love from reading your post is the insight you have as to why you have regained some of the weight you lost. And because of that, you just need to put a plan in place to get back to where you were.

Below are a couple of links I found from our SparkPeople library that may help you get back on board.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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You can do it again, if you decide to do it. You lost 50lbs, 14lbs is a walk over for you right now. Study yourself, know your saboteurs and take them out then jump back on track with some baby steps and you will surprise yourself soon.

9/30/12 8:14 A

My name is Joy and I was a spark"person" in 2009-2010 and lost almost 50 pounds. I was so happy and finally felt good about myself. Well, things are now changing, I have gained about 12-14 pounds back (not sure, haven't got on scale), and yesterday I realize I will have to buy the next size pants because they are too uncomfortable and tight. I used to run, and excercise frequently, but have since slowed to a "walk" which does not do the trick. I have changed jobs which requires a lot of travel which is difficult since I do not have a family to cook for (all healthy eaters), and easy access to bad choices. I need to rejoin the group so I can have the support to regain my motivation, track my food and learn options for food choices. I am becomming depressed again, a feeling I hadn't felt for awhile. I could use help and support.. thank you

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