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KELLY3.1 Posts: 61
9/24/10 10:21 A

I'm a VERY affectionate person and my fiancé is not very emotionally forthcoming. My issue is that when I do nice things for him (cards, small gifts, random 'I love you' sticky notes, etc) I EXPECT him to reciprocate. When he doesn't, I'm disappointed and feel he doesn't love me. Because I realize that's an issue, I'm working on it. But just yesterday he made a special trip to my favorite meat market and surprised me with a treat! It meant the world to me.

LIVERLOO Posts: 70
6/22/10 5:28 A

touchy subject for me, my husband works ridicuously long hours from 3am on and is tired alot , i miss this part of our life but i am now able to focus on my own issues surroundin body image etc so maybe the "hiatus" is for a purpose.

TONYA0000AZ SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,006)
Posts: 102
6/18/10 4:43 P

I wish my husband would more... but sometimes it's so hard, with him working long hours and then dealing with our daughter, we are both so tired sometimes we hardly do more than a simple hug and kiss. But I know that after years together, you have to work on that "spark" sometimes - and I know for me, that as I start feeling good about myself I feel sexier and it shows.

THELUCKIEST018 SparkPoints: (8,674)
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Posts: 861
6/15/10 11:18 A

We have two sons (4 years and 2 months) and my husband's been trying to get me to get out of the house more, whether to shop, meet friends for a drink, get coffee, get a haircut, etc. After our first son was born he pretty much "confined" me to the house because he was so uncomfortable being alone w/a baby. He is still kind of shaky being home alone with both boys, although he always does great..he gets nervous =) But he has been pushing me at least once a week to do something completely on my own!! It's a HUGE step from when our first son was a baby. I know he's trying HARD to keep us both happy and sane!!

INDIANOAKS SparkPoints: (95,693)
Fitness Minutes: (75,567)
Posts: 6,818
6/15/10 3:11 A

MIKKIJ1 -- I think it DOES sound like alot that your husband/significant other helps out like he does so you can spend time with the kids!! Alot of guys wouldn't do that -- trust me, I have friends whose husbands don't lift a FINGER!! My husband has always been great that way too -- and I appreciate it ALL the time!! emoticon

MIKKIJ1 Posts: 117
6/14/10 10:53 P

He shows me affection by cooking and cleaning and letting me focus on the kids and their activities. It doesn't sound like much, but it make me know he loves me that he is so willing to divide the labor.

And all the usual stuff like foot rubs and never saying "goodbye" without an "I love you".

ELENA212 Posts: 111
6/14/10 10:25 P

well for me no problem always rub my back massages on my leg... check out my page... emoticon

TAMMY0911 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 531
6/14/10 8:53 A

I think I have maybe taken some things for granted, but it usually seems to be the ending result.

NORDAKOTA Posts: 696
6/14/10 6:24 A

Hugs, kisses... wish it would lead to bigger things, however -LOL!

6/13/10 11:32 P

The most I've ever been able to get out of my husband is, and I quote, "You're definitely above a minimum level of acceptable attractiveness."

6/13/10 10:42 P

I have been married 27 years been together for 29. My husband can show his affection without it leading to sex. When we walk by each other we stop to give each other a small kiss or a hug a little hit on the behind. It is always in a loving way. When we are sitting in a room of people he can run his finger up my arm or rub my back or just look at me with those beautiful blue eyes.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,707
6/11/10 1:12 P

"How does your significant other show you affection?"

Kissing, hugging, handholding, gift giving, etc.
When DH came home for lunch today, I got a kiss, a big bear hug, and a flower!

"Do they do it without it having to lead to sex? "
Well, yeah!

BACK3587 Posts: 53
6/11/10 10:56 A

How does your significant other show you affection? Do they do it without it having to lead to sex?

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