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RAVEN71618 Posts: 27
3/4/13 6:21 A

Thank you for the advice everyone. I've learned in the past how to use the machines. I've never been able to get the free training session. They aren't that helpful at this gym at all. So I think I'll try and use the workout generator and figure out an idea of what to do till my 3 month plan is up.

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2/20/13 12:53 P

Take advantage of the free training session most gyms have. Try different gyms. Watch people. Don't be embarress to ask questions.

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2/20/13 9:33 A


It can be intimidating starting at a new club. Many new members are embarrassed to ask for help because they are afraid of looking foolish. But you are paying to be there so get the most bang for your buck.

Most gyms/healthclubs offer new members an "orientation" to get them started. Ask the floor manager for a introduction to the equipment so you know how to properly use each piece of workout equipment including how to program the treadmill, how to set the weights on the machines, and anything else you have questions about including classes. Most of them are included in your membership fee.

Also, many clubs will develop an individualized workout program designed to help get you started toward achieving your goals. Just ask.

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2/19/13 11:03 P

Hi Raven,

What about using the SparkPeople Workout Generator to formulate a plan for you to being a good strength training program? (see link below). And don't forget that many of the personnel in the gym should be able to help you as well. All's you have to do is ask.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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2/19/13 9:00 P

RAVEN71618 Posts: 27
2/19/13 8:37 P

Does anyone have some advice on what would be a good starting point in going to the gym? I plan on starting out going 3 days a week and doing cardio and weight machines each time. I'm just confused on how I should figure out what muscles or body parts to work out each session. Do I do arms, legs, core? Any advice would be appreciated. I can't afford a trainer right now to help out.

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