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CIPHER1971 Posts: 1,848
11/8/13 5:08 P

Thank you for the constructive advice, where it is constructive.

I will stick to a training run for the 1/2 marathon, as for the marathon that is HER choice and has always been HER choice, I am merely trying to support her reaching HER dreams, I am happy if she doesn't run a step, or walks the 1/2 marathon distance or whatever.

I think some of the responders below may have thought this was all my idea - nope she wants me to lie, I thought I would see what others thought, and as expected I found out, I am sad that some people have to be so condemning, there are ways to tell someone 'no I think that is a bad idea', and I thank those who managed to communicate - 'hey not the best idea for these reasons', or 'don't do that, but here is an alternative'.

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (227,949)
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11/8/13 11:40 A

The restrictions are there for a reason. There will be other marathons for her to run. Why in the WORLD would you set such a bad example for your daughter and lie?

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (202,306)
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11/8/13 11:36 A

running/walking long distances is generally not recommended for children because their young bodies cannot take the stress of training.

KATIENIU SparkPoints: (5,014)
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11/8/13 11:15 A

If it were me I would not lie. There is a reason why organizers have age requirements. If you were to lie and something were to happen to her you can be banned from that race for life and face other legal issues (at least that's how it is in the States).

I would ask the race director and see what he/she has to say. Another option would be to have her run a 13.1 mile training run. I totally understand the need to sign her up for races to get her experience (I've done over 100 races including 10 marathons so I know the importance of getting race experience). However, I know several people who use training runs as a guide for upcoming races and never race during a training cycle.

On another note, I coach my running club's beginner marathon training program and one of the requirements is that they must have been running for one year. Marathon training is a huge commitment and hard on the body. It sounds like she's been walking but is now just getting into running. It's very hard going from running a 5K to a marathon in only 8 months. For me I was running for two years before I began training for my first marathon. However, I'm in my 30s so my experience is obviously different than a 16 year old.

MLAN613 Posts: 19,269
11/8/13 8:22 A

You actually should have at least a solid year of running under your belt before attempting a full marathon. And it typically requires a 4 1/2 month training plan. Honestly, she should aim for the half and then plan for the full in 2015.

Moreover, you SHOULD NOT lie about her age! The race organizers probably has some sort of liability insurance that requires their minimum age. And if you are caught lying, could ban you from future events. Really. If anything, ask the race director if an exception can be made. I have known people who've had age exceptions made.

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
11/7/13 8:35 P

I think that aiming to run a marathon in that short a time frame is a bad idea - age taken out of consideration. Training for a marathon is tough on a body; the best recommendation is to have a couple years of running under your belt before even starting to train.

OLGA18 SparkPoints: (23,905)
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11/7/13 5:47 P

Personally I wouldn't lie because I don't think that lying and breaking the rules teaches a child good sportsmanship.

JUSTIMEEM Posts: 137
11/7/13 4:01 P

If it's not illegal what you ask, then I would do it, I would participate.

CIPHER1971 Posts: 1,848
11/7/13 3:35 P

My daughter has decided that she wants to run a marathon next year, specifically the Sun Run ( ), which is a Scout organised event where they have a choice of a 13.1 mile course (Moon Run) or a 26.2 mile course (Sun Run). She has completed the Moon Run at a walk twice, but next year is the last year it will be run, due to a new landlord being unwilling to host the festival weekend that surrounds the event. All very sad.

Anyway my 16 (in 11 days) year old intends to do the Sun Run this time round, just so she can say she did it. Because of this I started her on C25K about 3 weeks ago, and have sorted out a training plan through her first 5k on 7th December, a 10k on 26th January and half Marathon in March she should be ‘ready’ about 4 weeks before the due date, but this allows for set backs or injury.

My question is this – all the organised half marathons appear to demand you are 17 to run them, do I lie / fail to declare her age so she can take part in a proper half marathon??? What do you think??? What would you do???

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