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GRAMMYLOLLY SparkPoints: (6,309)
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1/28/11 9:35 P

Thanks. I'll try it.

LARACAN Posts: 7
1/28/11 2:09 P

My feet would always get numb on the elliptical until I started walking on the treadmill for about 5 minutes prior to using the elliptical. I no longer have numbness in my feet. It's worth a try.

BELLEFAITH42 Posts: 348
1/28/11 1:31 P

I was also having this problem - both of my feet would go numb after about 30 minutes on the elliptical. Here is an article that explains why and what you can do about it.

CATCH108STCHS SparkPoints: (0)
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1/20/11 10:47 P

I had that problem when I was starting out. I have really flat feet, so I had inserts in new shoes. I took the inserts out and now it's better. I think it was just too much support for the amount of non-arches I have.
I know that pain though. Made me want to cry. I've now upped my time on the elliptical by a mile since my feet have felt better.

GRAMMYLOLLY SparkPoints: (6,309)
Fitness Minutes: (4,026)
Posts: 115
1/20/11 10:38 P

I just went to the doctor TODAY for a very similar problem. My toes have little red spots under the skin that are painful in a burning kind of way. She said she never seen it before and got a second doctor to take a look. They told me not to do any extra walking for a week : (

I'm bummed because I was getting on a good streak with my exercise.

SLENDERV Posts: 21
9/6/10 12:43 A

The same thing happens to me when I do the elliptical. It's happened a couple of times with one of my pairs of shoes (Nike Air--mega cushioned) during TurboKick. Thanks for sharing those tips.

NEVERMIND2010 Posts: 587
9/6/10 12:12 A

Thanks, everyone! I will:

1. Lace looser.
2. Get off the machine when my feet start to hurt/go numb.
3. Get better socks.
4. If these don't work, get new shoes.

I don't think it's the neuroma, because it's the whole bottom of my foot, not just the ball. And this only happens on the elliptical (and sometimes bike). But I'll keep it in mind.

FLASHTHEDOOR SparkPoints: (0)
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9/5/10 10:42 P

I solved this problem when I finally started wearing the right sneakers for me. (Which happen to be by Merrell, finally my fave shoe company started making sneakers too). Make sure you have the right fit/style for you and proper size - my current sneaker is a full size larger than the previous ones I wore. Also, good sport socks make a difference for me.

9/5/10 7:40 P

Different models of elliptical may not be as much of a problem. As soon as your feel start to tingle, stop and do something else. You can cause nerve damage. It does take time for your body to get used to the motion. It could be a case of too much of it too soon. Work up on your time on it.
For me it the stairmaster that causes trouble, so I do 10 minutes, then go to the bike or elliptical. Also look up "Morton's Neuroma" to see if is your foot type that is the problem.

9/5/10 7:28 P

I get pain after using the elliptical if I don't stretch my arches.

WATERCOLOR Posts: 1,265
9/5/10 2:41 P

Then I'd bet money it is your laces. Lace loosely.

NEVERMIND2010 Posts: 587
9/4/10 10:52 P

Thanks for the advice, everyone.

I have tried different socks, as well, but maybe I can find some that have more cushioning. That's a good idea.

I do lace my shoes very tightly, so maybe loosening them would help. Unfortunately, there's no place in my country to get fitted for shoes (that I know of).

MNMD21 Posts: 265
9/4/10 6:21 P

The burning could be from thin socks. I know that if I'm not wearing the right socks, my feat BURN when I do anything--elliptical, treadmill, even walking.

WATERCOLOR Posts: 1,265
9/4/10 4:48 P

Your shoes may be tied too tight and the swelling of your feet that occurs when you exercise and they way you press on these machines is pinching the nerves on the bottom of your feet is my guess. Loosen your laces. You do not need to tie your shoes tight or even snug. See if that helps. Loosen them way up around your toes especially.

If not, you may need to be fitted for different shoes that fit your feet different for these machines and how you move on you feet so they don't pinch those nerves.

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MDANFORD Posts: 75
9/4/10 2:41 P

Interesting. I get numb feet too. I was concerned about circulation problems at first, but now the whole heel problem seems to make sense. Also, it takes about 30 minutes before I notice the numbness.

NEVERMIND2010 Posts: 587
9/4/10 2:40 P

Hmm...there are newer (well, fancier, I guess) models at my gym. I'll hop on one! Thanks!

I was afraid to try them. I would never have gotten on the one I've been on if the trainer hadn't put me there. (He's no help with my problem because of a language barrier. I asked, and he just kind of stared blankly for a few minutes and told me to get started. LOL)

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MONA_MONA SparkPoints: (0)
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9/4/10 2:32 P

Numb feet and sore hips are common problems on older Elliptical machines due to unnatural foot position which keeps your heels flat throughout entire movement. This causes pressure on your feet and hips and leads to the strange feeling you get. Of course, when you go backwards, it changes the pressure points and most don’t get the numb feeling.

Try and find a newer model that allows for lifting heels, go backwards on the older machine or you could try lifting your heels.

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NEVERMIND2010 Posts: 587
9/4/10 1:43 P

Hi everyone. I've just started to use the elliptical at the gym, and I love it. It doesn't seem too difficult and I can build up a good sweat pretty fast. Plus, it really burns the calories!

BUT....I have pain. The bottoms of my feet hurt, almost like they're burning. And my toes fall asleep. I thought it was my cross-trainers, so I wore my walking shoes today - same thing. After about 10 minutes, my soles are on fire, and about 15-20 minutes in, my toes are falling asleep. I have to keep picking my feet up and/or stepping down only on my heels to try to get them back to normal.

I don't have this problem at all on the treadmill or walking/jogging outside. I do have the sleeping toes problem on the stationary bike.

What in the world is causing this? Any ideas? Do I need new shoes? (Both pairs I've tried are relatively new.) New feet, maybe? ;)

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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