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1/2/13 10:29 P

Absolutely find the trainers. Introduce yourself, be honest about experience, let them know your goals. Get to know their strong points also. ie- I find the yoga person when I have a muscle that will not let go, or- find the skinny runner when you have a leg problem. If it is a desent gym, they will a variety or nice people to help you. Use every resource you can.

Remember- WARM UP, COOL DOWN, ""STRETCH!!!!!"" fitness will come on its own


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1/2/13 9:50 P

I have read many gym pet peeves on Spark

So clean your equipment after you use it.
If there are many free treadmills, give your gym mates space.
Don't dawdle on the gym equipment or in the locker room

Your gym probably has a list of gym etiquette, in case I missed something

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Most times when you join a gym, you are provided with a trainer free of charge for about a week. In this time, the trainer with point you in the right direction as far as all of the equipment goes and give you an idea of what you should be doing. The trainer should also be telling you about each machine, how to use it and why.
If you have not had this you might want to ask for it. It is in their best interest to provide it as they do not want you to get hurt while there. So, you will usually not have a problem if you ask for it.

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First time in the gym I used most of the equipment, light on the weight, went for form and motion. I divided the workouts for upper, middle, and lower body. I used the treadmill and over time was able to run a mile non stop i found doing a variety of ab exercises helped support my stomach which meant I ate less yet felt full

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