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SUNSHINE084 Posts: 4,464
5/25/12 8:15 P

For eating on the go, make and prepare 100 calorie bags of snack items
- some chips for a treat
- raw carrots
- banana chips
- nuts
- Popcorn can be nutritious if prepared right

For meals

Try Stuffed peppers, stuffed potatoes, spegetti, these can all be frozen and popped in the microwave and eating in a short time.

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5/24/12 5:14 P

I'm a grandma now, but I I remember some of the things I did. One thing is I used a dehydrater for fruits and meats. It takes time to get it done but it can be put into baggies easily. My dad's favorit tool was the crockpot. Dice up leftovers, put them in a a crockpot with enough broth to cover them and half inch more and let it cook until your ready to eat, but before you eat, add a can of cream of chicken (or celery or mushroom) undilluted. I use a little less broth because my husband likes his stew thicker. There is no real cooking time because everything is leftovers and already cooked. The soup will be hot from the broth. I saved leftovers like a few crackers, the last piece of cheese, a piece of dessert, or whatever in baggies and they have a designated placein the frig (maybay you could use an old plastic bowl), so if you really are in a super hurry, just throw all that in a brown bag and go. My daughter keeps a cooler with little juices and fish crackers. if your out and about, don't go to fast food. Run in a store and get a loaf of bread on clearance and a pre-cooked chicken. Have fun picking it aprt to make finger sandwiches. Don't forget throw the leftover chicken in a crockpot with some leftover green beans like I mentioned above. I read an article once about eating healthy and it make sense in a way. If ou do not have time to prepare healthy meals or you do not know how to change the recipes yet, use lean microwave dinners instead of restraunts. They are healthier and cheaper. If I am in a hurry I get the cold pre-cooked chicken from Kroger for 4.99 (the hot cost more) a broccolli (or cauliflower) and cheese boxes for 1.00 to 1.50 and boil in the bag rice. There is a whole meal and leftover meat for tomorrows snack or dinner. Another favorite is a can of kidney beans in the crockpot or pan, a can of diced tomatoes, a pack of mild chili seasoning (wal-mart brand is my favorite) and any leftover meat (most people used beef but I used ground turkey or any kind leftover) if you do not have any leftover meat, then throw in a can of pinto or black beans and after its heat up good pour it over some fritos. I prefer rice but kids would be more likely to eat fritos. When I packed a lunch for them I would put a price in their bags from the quarter machines or I would buy a pack of party favors. Don't be picky on that and let it be something cheap so they will appreciate the thought without thinking they always desrve something. Sometimes I would make little tablets out of scrap paper and use a cutting from a magazine for the cover, staple it and good to go. There are also some good ideas on but its a new owner and so you have to go through some areas to get at what your looking for.
Please don't ignore the little bits left over, at two years old, she has to eat more often (energy but not big amounts. And don't giver her options. She isn't old enough for a big responsibility like that because she doesn't understand the value of each food. Hope this helps. It was long but I tried to fit in ideas I have gleaned over the years.

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5/24/12 4:35 P

Really either one would be great. We are on the go a lot so meals that are portable would be good, but when we do have evenings at home something that's quick would be nice so that we can have time to spend together playing with toys or reading books.

CAH-RD Posts: 1,084
5/24/12 4:28 P

Are you talking about in the car? Or more just quick meals at home?

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5/23/12 10:20 A

I am a single parent with a two year old daughter and between our two schedules we are very busy so finding time to eat healthy can be a challenge. Any ideas on meal options that are easy to incorporate on the go?

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