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12/31/13 8:01 P

You shouldn't have to give up on taking care of yourself, but I also think it's important to spend time with your family.

Is there a reason that you and your kids (& husband too) can't plan meals that would satisfy everyone's needs? If they would still like to go a favorite restaurant, then maybe they can go once while they are there. When I visit my family and they want to go to a particular restaurant, I look up their menu's and nutritional values in advance to see if I can eat anything from there (looking at calories, protein, sodium, and fiber, etc.). I try to find something that I can eat...if not, we don't go there. If I think we can go there, I may have to make some changes to what I plan on eating later in the day. Sometimes, I may have to suck it up (too many calories or on the higher end of the sodium intake) and move on. I want to visit with my family. Yes, my health and losing weight is important, but sometimes I just have to deal with a trade-off (although a small one).

I do understand the frustrations of losing weight when around your family. I have lost some weight and still have a ways to go. When I visit my parents (or they visit me), I end up in maintenance mode during the visit.

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12/31/13 4:35 P

Oh man, I understand what you are saying. I went on a major weight loss spree and wouldn't eat out for a long time. It is way easier to determine your calories when you make your own food. But my very best friend is a social eating guy, and in his mind the only way to go on "dates" is over a snack or dinner in a cafe or restaurant. So I opted out of a lot of these things and we went to the gym instead (sometimes). Or I'd get a hot water if we were in a cafe and put a bullion cube in it to make "soup" while he ate whatever. Or once I got a house salad with no salad dressing and no croutons. That made it so we could sit at a table and I'd pick at my salad and eat a proper meal when I got home. It is not always easy, but I those are some ways I found to participate but stick to my program. You can get a house salad almost anywhere.

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12/30/13 9:34 P

"My adhering to my nutrition is not allowing me to see, hear, spend time with them."

what is more important, perfect nutrition or time with your family?

12/30/13 6:16 P

Having adult children home for holidays has put a crimp in my style. I dropped 100 pounds over two years ago. Go to the gym 8 times a week, run, eat all home made, cook organic etc. Having adult children home is a challenge. They will eat some of my food, but prefer to eat out. On my anniversary, they went out with my husband and left me home with my salad. My adhering to my nutrition is not allowing me to see, hear, spend time with them. I have given up and will cook a roast (grassfed, no hormone, no antibiotics) tomorrow so we can have sandwiches at home on New Years's day. I typically do not eat bread, but have given up, and am ordering homemade bread for Wednesday. Will go out New Years eve. I don't like these options, but sigh. I gained 11 pounds last year during the holidays. I joined a support group to make sure that doesn't happen again. I have lost all the weight I gained last year prio to the Holidays, I lost weight since Thanksgiving, but since kids came home before Christmas eve, I have been getting really frustrated. Want to stay lean and strong. Just sharing

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