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11/6/12 10:26 A

Good Luck, KJ!

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11/2/12 11:53 P

I guess it depends on the couple.My only concern is I have seen my male friends have some real problems with it,For me personally not intererested nor really is my wife.Good Luck Man.

11/1/12 12:00 P

Sure you'll get something done. And I'm sure she'll be very happy about it too. emoticon

10/30/12 11:15 A


If I have her spot me at home (like that) I'll never get ANYthing done.

XHUNTERX Posts: 974
10/30/12 10:39 A

LOL this time I mean it.

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10/30/12 10:32 A

These troll attempts are weak. Please try harder.

XHUNTERX Posts: 974
10/30/12 10:19 A

KJ, I think It's time for you to grow out of that phase.
we are all here to help you emoticon

10/29/12 3:04 P

Goodness! emoticon I guess the digital age allows for more things than just checking e-mail while away from home!

KJ, maybe your GF needs an incentive to spot you when you're working out at home. For example: there's a pilates move that I find incredibly tedious when I'm working out on my little gym mat in front of the television. However, the very same move, when done in a bed...well, you get the idea.

I'm sure there's something that can be done on a weight bench that will convince your GF that it's worthwhile to spot you.

10/29/12 2:34 P


TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
10/29/12 2:31 P

hubby and I do the same. We shoot our pern. We call ourselves the "Beverly Thrillbillies" Heck, Siskel and Ebert gave it two things up!

10/29/12 2:18 P

Yeah, we kinda make our own porn using my difital camera.

As for lifting she asks for my help for her lifts but has passed helping ,me with mine unless we're at the local gym (she's a good spotter now)

10/29/12 2:03 P

@KJ, want a girl's opinion?

2 topics:

1) The entertainment
A lot of girls are threatened by it, especially if it's the really raw, "dirty" variety. A lot of the Girls On Film are willing to do things that "nice" girls cannot or will not do. So, wives and girlfriends worry, thinking "Does he want a girl who does THAT? I don't do THAT, will he leave me for someone who does do THAT?" (substitute act-of-choice for "THAT").

If you want your GF to participate with you, then perhaps you could start with some of the more girl-friendly varieties. The sort that has a bit of plot, a bit of romance, decent lighting, and mostly boy-girl couples.

If your GF won't participate for whatever reason, then it might be worth exploring why and finding alternatives. For example, as a good Catholic girl, I don't entertain myself with Girls or Boys on Film. However, there's nothing stopping me from out-naughty-ing them with my lawfully wedded husband, so he's not bothered that I don't. Maybe your GF has a similar issue, and perhaps you can find your way around it together.

Or, if it's something you want to just do by yourself, then Bill's suggestion of waiting until your GF is out is not a bad one.

2) The improvement in lifting.
Makes perfect sense to me. T levels increase from stimulation. T is responsible for manly feats of strength. Therefore, 2+2=dramatically improved lifts.

10/29/12 12:51 P

LOL! I just might do that!

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10/29/12 10:28 A

I wouldn't say "hide it" from her, but why not do it when she's not around?

Missus doesn't really care for my lifting sessions. I guess I stink up the basement a bit and dropping weights is probably loud and obnoxious at times, so I try to do it when I know she's running out for a bit.

Maybe schedule the pr0n and lift sessions when she's away? emoticon

10/27/12 8:39 A

I'm thinking if I titled the thread "porn" it'd get reported by.....well, whomever, I won't say anymore since I'm under "watch" for other do-gooder misdeeds, lol!

Lately I have been curbing it since my gf gets just a little upset when she knows I'm looking at it, she'll ask if she's not enough and that's not it at all I tell her.

I just like looking at naked women, actually, truth be told I like looking at Hot Women with or without clothes on.

I had read a while ago that men looking at porn somwhow boosts T levels? I don't belive that but I do have a flash drive with over a 1,000 pics of women that I play with current pop music when I lift at home. I can't say if there's a correlation of pics of women and lifting weights but I'm okay with that.


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