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3/13/13 3:16 P

I'm an avid swimmer. So, I have several ideas.

I do my swimming at the YMCA. Check for adult swim lessons, be it basic or advanced. I once took an advanced swim class and I found that everyone other than me was actually a beginner. It kind of frustrated me as it was called "advanced", but at least I got to learn the beginnings of the butterfly stroke and flip turns. $150 sounds like the price you'd pay if you were not a member of the YMCA.

If you're considering swimming regularly and you are NOT a YMCA member or a member of a fitness facility that has a lap pool, consider joining the Y and getting the discounted rate for the class. It would save you some money compared to paying $150 as a non-member and then, paying to become a member.

Another recommendation is to check swim class prices for health & fitness centers that are affilliated with local hospitals. You can also check to see what your city and nearby cities charge for swim classes through their recreations depts/community centers. This is where I learned to swim and I paid WAY less than $150 for 2 mos. of classes. It was more like $48. Also, you don't have to be a resident of said city in order to register for their offerings. They just want money no matter where it comes from. If you're in the military or a mil. dependant, check to see if nearby bases offer swim classes.

Videos on YouTube and eHow are also helpful. Honestly, this is how I learned the breaststroke and butterfly strokes since I had no one available to teach me and the advanced swim class instructor touched on the butterfly stroke just one time (waste of most of my money).

Check out USA Swimming's website, too. From the internet, I collected a lot of articles on strokes and turns along with my videos and devoured them, visualized the movements, took articles with me to the pool and practiced in the pool.

Also, if you decide to forgo or postpone swim classes, lifeguards are willing to watch your technique and give you advice on a day when the pool is not crowded. Just ask. For them, it breaks the monotony of sitting in the high chair. I had a lifeguard who watched me and gave me tips whenever we were both at the pool.

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3/13/13 1:33 P

I am also planning on looking into an adult swim class to perfect my strokes. I want to get better at it.

3/13/13 11:18 A

Thats sounds about right. You should go for it and see how you like it.

3/12/13 11:24 P

You're right, Masters does sound kind of intimidating. The YMCA where I'll move soon looks like $150 for 7 individual lessons, is that a good price?

3/12/13 1:08 P

I agree on the Masters Swim Class. If you have one nearby it will improve your swimming greatly. I have always been a good swimmer, but after doing the Masters Swim I improved my technique and speed and endurance greatly.
These classes are just adult swim classes so do not be intimidated by the Masters title.

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3/12/13 9:57 A

I've been instructing myself recently and I found Youtube videos are pretty helpful since you can see the motion. If there's a Y near you or a gym with a pool, those would be good resources for lessons.

3/12/13 8:57 A

Where I live, swimming is vey big (Florida) and our local gym offers a Masters class for swimming. Basically its an adult swim session that lasts for 1 hour. Perhaps look and see if the gyms near you offer such classes? I am invovled in triathlons and I am even thinking about joining the Masters class. Swimming is very detail oriented and if you have the cash or time, it would be best to take a couple one on one lessons to help you on your way.

3/12/13 1:33 A

I swam my first full mile at lap swim this morning!

I alternate 40% freestyle, 40% breast stroke, 20% back stroke, however, I'm pretty sure that I don't have excellent (or even good) technique. I took swim lessons when I was little (less than 10) and high school gym class units but never swim team or anything like that.

I've tried checking out articles and videos on swim technique but it seems pretty hard to apply by home study program and "basics" like streamline position are not something I 100% get. I also don't know how to flip turn but I'm getting better about turning around as soon as I get to the wall. What type of a class might make sense to try? Any particular level to look for or key words in the description?

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