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12/5/12 4:45 P

Sorry if a zillion people already gave this suggestion but water would be a good way to help fill you. Have a large glass of water before meals. You should shoot for 8 a day anyway but make sure you have a full glass before meals. Also, what about fruit? Its filling but still low cal. Some also believe that many fruits are natural appetite suppressants. Good luck!

NELLAH6004 Posts: 50
12/5/12 12:43 P

Thank everyone, for all of the wonderful ideas!!! The veggies, the smaller plates, more protein, the mindful eating... all of it is helpful.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share. I have a lot to start with.

12/3/12 11:31 A

My gosh, the ideas in this thread are so wonderful I'm going to cut and paste most of them for my own plan!

Thank you all so much for posting such helpful advice.

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12/3/12 9:48 A

I'm with all the people that said add lots of veggies to your meals. That's what I do. That way I get the "big" plate of food without a ton of calories.

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12/2/12 11:31 P

Rather than a sudden drop in calories, which it sounds like you have done, gradually work down to it. I found that even with only a 250-450 calorie drop, I was waking in the middle of the night with strong nausea because of hunger, and I was getting light-headed and nauseous a lot during the day, even tho' I was eating regularly. I went back up and gradually worked down to my calories and felt fine. Also, it pays to increase the healthy protein (not processed meats) to help keep you feeling fuller for longer, BUT ensure that you get plenty of fruit/veges.


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12/2/12 11:18 P

The smaller plates and eating slower with smaller bites really helped me. Another one is that I SAVOR my food. I really pay attention to tasting it, feeling it in my mouth, and chewing it thoroughly (more than I ever had previously). If I remember each bite I take, I feel like I ate a whole lot more than I do when mindlessly wolfing down a much larger quantity and not really remembering any of it. Kinda like if you've ever sat down after opening a bag of chips and suddenly finding yourself looking at an empty bag wondering where all those chips went.

I also began putting my utensils down in between bites. I use this as a reminder to focus on enjoying each bite and not be in a rush to take the next bite. I'll also play a little mind game with myself to see how many bites of that small portion I can take or how small of a bite of food I can take and still have it feel meaningful.

Large portions of low cal vegetables also helps, also eaten slowly and deliberately.

And for sweet treats...try seeing how long it takes to melt a chocolate chip in your mouth, savoring every single molecule of flavor. Ten chocolate chips can take longer to eat and feel more satisfying than a whole candy bar mindlessly eaten in 3-4 bites. Ten chocolate chips have far fewer calories than that big candy bar, too!

Mindful eating, to me, means fewer calories and more satisfaction than mindless eating.

12/1/12 9:35 A

I know in the toddler section of the WalMart where I live, they have plates that are sectioned off per the Food Plate portions. Not only will this help with smaller portions, it will also help you to make sure you are getting the proper portions of foods at meals. It's worth looking into. Each plate is like, $3 or something, but for starting out, it's a great learning tool.

Water is good. Replace 2 sugary drink a day with plain water the first week. And slowly replace more drinks a day with water. I'm having a hard time with this one, myself. But I'm working on it.

Make sure you're having healthy snacks in between meals. That way you aren't starving by the time you are ready to eat, so you are likely to eat less at meals. This is where all of my fruit intake it. I don't eat alot of fruit at meals, but I do as snacks.

Eat more vegetables at meals to replace starchy carbs.

Oh, and the biggest help? Pre-planning/logging the day, so you are less tempted to over eat later. That helped me alot when I was first starting, almost 3 years ago. Maybe when I'm done with the baby makings (35 weeks now), I'll be able to continue this journey.

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12/1/12 8:24 A

Add veggies to everything you can. Lots of volume for little calories. :)

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11/30/12 1:49 P

Great advice Cheetara! I am going to use two things you suggested: pause between bites and smaller portions on the fork. I need to eat less yet I don't want to feel deprived. What I am doing about that is this: I fill half my plate with tossed salad and then the rest has to fit on the other half. I discovered ways to cheat on that too, so no layering of food (Like on top of or under salad) emoticon

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,971
11/30/12 10:42 A

-Use smaller plates. Eat off a salad plate or even a saucer. That way you don't have a small portion of food on a huge empty plate. It's a psychological trick but it really works.
-Eat slower. Pause between each bite. Chew your food carefully.
-Eat smaller bites. Don't load up as much as you can on your fork ever time you take a bite. Try to load about half what you normally would.
-Have a hot drink with your meal. A hot cup of unsweetened herbal tea often makes me feel more full than if I drank just water or nothing at all. You could even drink soup broth if you like.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
11/30/12 7:38 A

Another idea is soups. I was feeling really hungry today, so I made chili - same amount of regular ingredients, but a lot more water. There are so many spices that it really feels like food but all that water makes me full. They say that water doesn't really fill us up (it goes through the stomach so quickly) but soup does because it has to be digested and I think this actually holds true. I can never eat all the chili I make (even though I could, it's in my calories) because the combination of the volume and the spices just makes it impossible! Talk about feeling stuffed on not too many calories!

I do the same with bisques -- I just add more water or broth than usual before pureeing.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,309
11/30/12 6:52 A

One thing that really helps me, is to eat LARGE portions of low-starch vegetables. It is not unusual for me to eat 2 cups of green beans at lunch or dinner. Or both. Or a whole can of beets, at one go. There are lots of low-starch vegetables, and I can really fill that plate up (and my tummy!) with those things. I eat less bread, potatoes, rice etc in favor of a little more protein; seems to keep me fuller longer and lessens the carb cravings for me.

NELLAH6004 Posts: 50
11/30/12 5:47 A


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11/29/12 11:14 P

I hate to say it, but the thing that helped me was frozen meals. The Healthy Choice ones. They're pre-portioned, and while they do have a lot of chemically things in them, the sodium isnt' bad and they have fiber and protein. I was still hungry at first, but after eating frozen meals for lunch and sometimes dinner every day, my body got used to eating less. Once I got to that point, I was able to cook regular food and eat a healthier portion and be full.

I will say, I do always eat more than the "correct portion" of proteins. They fill me up a lot, and a 4oz chicken breast just doesn't do it for me. I just cut down on other things in order to have more protein.

NELLAH6004 Posts: 50
11/29/12 9:47 P

That's honest! Thanks! I'm sure a good part of this is also realizing that I just can't always have what I want all the time!

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11/29/12 9:23 P

It is hard and I am hungry right now, but the stomach will eventually get used to smaller portion sizes and we will feel less hungry. I am still having my beer, so I can eat even less.

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11/29/12 9:22 P

It is hard and I am hungry right now, but the stomach will eventually get used to smaller portion sizes and we will feel less hungry. I am still having my beer, so I can eat even less.

NELLAH6004 Posts: 50
11/29/12 9:19 P


I recently started back with WW after a brief, failed stint, and here is what I learned after one day: I eat a lot of food! Or, more accurately, I eat large portions of food!

I'm determined to stay in my point range (and at this range, I have a lot of points!) but I still find myself kind of running short by the end of the day. To be frank, I am a bit hungry and finding that I cannot unconsciously eat.

Any suggestions for transitioning to smaller portion sizes?

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