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8/1/13 2:38 P

Thanks, everyone. I have been doing my own sort of couch to 5k program. This week I went from running 2 laps, walking 1 lap, repeat to run 3, walk 1. Three weeks ago I started a new strength training class too.. So I've changed up my fitness recently.

I am for 20/30/50 protein/fat/carbs.

Wadingmoose, thank you for sharing your experience. I will try to be patient. I'm not good at that. I tend to panic when I don't see positive results right away.

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
8/1/13 2:08 P

Any time I change my plan, I give my body time to adjust. I went 2 months without losing a pound and finally I've lost 3-4 in the last couple of weeks.

I wish it would be instantaneous, but it just isn't.

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8/1/13 1:58 P

Hey RAVELGIRLY - Weight loss gets rather frustrating. You have managed to lose weight and feel great about it, but you hit a stall in progress. Do NOT give up. You are doing great. Like MEGADANCINPEEJ explained, a week is not a good indicator. There are too many variables.

If I were you, I would stick with 1200 - 1500 calories a day. You might look at what type of calories you are eating. You need a certain amount of fat, protein, and carbs.Are you looking at your daily nutrition reports? Maybe you need to balance out those calories. You might need to increase fruits and veggies. Or maybe you need to increase your protein. It's so hard to know with weight loss. The important thing is that you keep working at it.

You might also consider changing up your fitness routine. If you are walking 30 minutes a day to get to your 1900 weekly calorie burn, you might want to add some videos with coach Nicole. She's awesome. Or ride a bike. Or try to jog.

If your diet and fitness is in a rut, maybe your body is in a rut too.

Good luck.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
8/1/13 12:44 P

1 week is a short period of time, and isn't a good indicator of what's really going on. A see a few things in your post that got me thinking.

Half way through your cycle? So right when you would be ovulating? That could cause a change in weight (it's not just our periods that cause us to add water weight).

If you were exercising for 1900 calories a week and consistently eating 1200 for a long time, your body could be saying "OMG there's FOOOOD again!!!" Our bodies are famine resistant - if they think you're working hard hunting and straying far and wide to pick berries, it will hold on to weight, and then when you finally put food it in will decide to keep a little extra because what if this is it? When it realizes food though, it will work itself out.

Weight loss isn't linear. It just isn't. The numbers may say you should be losing weight, but more importantly your body is trying to hold on to it as a survival skill, to heal, to aid in bodily functions. Stop looking at this one week at a time, "only" a few ounces, etc. Focus on health and feeding your body and let your body work out that there's no famine.

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RAVELGIRLY SparkPoints: (115,652)
Fitness Minutes: (74,870)
Posts: 522
8/1/13 12:24 P

I was eating 1200 cal/day while burning 1900 cal/week through exercise. My weight loss slowed to like 3 ounces per week or none at all. Several folks here suggested that I need to eat more, so I started eating 1300-1350 calories a day. Today was weigh in day and I gained a pound! It's not just a one day blip either because I weigh every morning and my weight was up 1-2 lbs every day. I'm at the mid-point of my cycle so that's not it.

Do I need to go back to 1200 cals? Should I stay at 1300 a bit longer to see what happens? Is the gain a sign that I was under eating?

If I can't even maintain at 1300, how will I ever avoid regaining the weight I've lost? :(

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