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JANETL1 Posts: 409
4/14/10 2:55 A

I set my tracker to show breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon snack, evening snack, and unplanned grazing. The goal is not to record anything in the "unplanned grazing" section. Since I don't need the regular "snack" section, I use that to enter a multi-vitamin (added to my manual food list) so those nutrients will be included in my day's nutrition report. Since the vitamin is the only thing recorded under "snack," I can easily copy it as a "meal" to other days, saves time.

JCWATL SparkPoints: (43,640)
Fitness Minutes: (43,852)
Posts: 707
4/10/10 10:38 A

The tracker lets you add extra meal categories. I have mine set for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, afternoon snack and dessert. That let's me know what I snacks I ate in the morning vs. the afternoon vs. night. Maybe that would work for you too.

LOLOKIRK Posts: 463
4/9/10 8:44 P

I too, have been using the notes section at the bottom of the nutrition tracker to put the times when I ate.

It helps me when I come across a no wgt loss week to determine what went wrong.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,480
4/9/10 8:37 P

Thanks for the feedback!

There is a note section just below your nutrition tracker that you can use to make notes like that. You might find that helpful.

Coach Denise

SUNSHINE084 Posts: 4,464
4/9/10 6:24 P

Good Idea. I have tracked on paper when I am eating to see why. I am often very hungry at night and when looking back to my tacking it shows that I have not taken in enough fiber or water throughout the day.

LITERATURE_NERD SparkPoints: (12,835)
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4/9/10 5:54 P

I can't say that I would use this feature, but I'm pretty predicable in terms of hunger. I'm always hungry in the afternoon, after work but before dinner. Maybe there should be a hunger tracker, or a place to add notes when you input food?

4/9/10 5:18 P

I wanted to gauge other people's response to this idea: adding the option to input the time at which you ate what. It wouldn't be mandatory but the option would be to designate the times at which you consumed meals or particular parts of your meals.

This would be really helpful for me since I don't eat three meals a day with one snack. I generally eat smaller portions throughout the day, so it'd be beneficial to track at what time I ate what to chart my hunger throughout the day.

This would be a way to make the nutrition planner more flexible for different eating styles. What are other people's thoughts?

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