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7/28/12 4:43 P

If you incorporate some HIIT (high intensity interval training) into your exercise schedule, you can knock out your workout in much less time, and if you're doing it right, you won't be able to think about how bored you are or how repetitious your exercise is. emoticon

I do HIIT weekly, and keep my exercise time pretty varied. I don't mind repetition so much, as I see it as an important and rather nice part of everyday life. I do like to change what sorts of exercise I do--for cardio I switch between different types of walks, cycling, and rowing. I do strength training three times per week with kettlebells, and those sessions also veer into cardio depending on the workout I'm doing. I also like to get out of the gym and walk, ride my bike around, etc.

I have been doing my HIIT sessions at the gym on the stationary bike.

IVFNURSE1 Posts: 138
7/28/12 9:28 A

I play tennis and near me there is the courtfor handball ( with the wall halfway) so even if I can't find a partner, I can still play. I also go hiking and have recently started rock climbing which is loads of fun. I wish you luck - i do traditional exercise during the week but my weekends are more for playing

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7/27/12 8:16 P

Yard work without power tools. Mow the lawn with and old-style push reel mower, cut trees and limbs with a handsaw instead of a chainsaw, rake leaves with a rake instead of a leaf blower, etc. It's good for the environment too!

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7/27/12 7:29 P

I am not a member of a gym either, I cancelled my gym membership a couple years ago and am fitter than I was when I was a member. I do still strength train but I go through phases when I do circuits of body weight and medicine ball exercises, or yoga, or weights (I bought some to use at home), or bands, or kettlebells (which are fun, but I recommend taking lessons as the technique can look a little misleading copying from a video and with poor technique the chance of injury is greater for some of the popular exercises.) But for nongym activities, well I don't go to a gym. I do go to a pool and swim, do several kinds of dance (great body and mind activity!), hile, walk, golf, jump rope, hula hoop, run if the weather is nice, do stair laps (okay that is exercise but at home and is quick), do yoga, I mentioned dancing right? :-) One of my best cardio workouts is alternating intervals of jump roping and hula hooping or dancing with the hoop for recovery. Exercise can be playtime! Though I still recommend finding some form of strength training you like or at least can live with. :-) But it sounds like you know how important it is and are looking for some fun ideas.

ETA: I am not dissing the gym, for me... It added a potential excuse as I thought I had to go to exercise. Having stuff at home as well as learning I can get a good workout in a small space just with my body removed that excuse from my life and I have been more consistent exercising at home, the public pool, outside or taking classes at studios.

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7/27/12 2:49 P

Active activity counts in my opinion. I even recently read an article that compared the fitness of the person who works a desk job and watches tv at home but does a one hour workout per day to someone who simply stayed active all day long with house and yard chores.

When I was thin, I believe the big reason I was was that I was active all day long working. Sure I walked too and do a bit on the exercise ball but that alone wouldn't of done it for me.

I know my body and it needs activity all day. Sitting is just so bad for me. Earlier to day I did some hard yard work and was curious about my calories burned. I looked it up and was pleasantly surprised at how much I potentially burned for my size in one hour.

I truly believe that the reason I gained all this weight back was because I spent so many years sitting most of the day. Sitting to watch TV, use the computer, sitting to play on the floor with the kids instead of getting up....(easier to not do that now they are bigger and like to run! LOL)

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7/27/12 12:50 P

Haha Papamikie I had the same experience with competitive marching band in high school. People who haven't done it don't understand what it takes to choreograph such a thing with hundreds of other people and the effort it takes to march with perfect form while playing an instrument and wearing a super heavy and ridiculous get-up.

It's stuff like that that I am interested in implementing into my life. Dancing could be an option that I've never thought of before! Thanks so much for your input!

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7/27/12 12:36 P

Gramie and I became dancers. I remember my doctor asking if I did any exercise, I said, "We are ballroom dancers."

He said, "Do you do any exercise?"

I repeated, "We are ballroom dancers."

He said, "I mean basket ball, running, soccer, biking..."

I said, "You come out and follow us around the floor for three hours, then we will talk about ballroom dance as exercise."

One issue with Dance (it does not have to be ballroom) is that it offent is associated with eating and drinking, which are not consistent with the goal of a healther life style.

7/27/12 12:23 P

I must admit that my idea of "exercise" in the traditional sense isn't the norm. Right now a gym is not an option for me both financially and in terms of my time. I am aiming at permanent lifestyle changes and prefer activities that are engaging for the mind and the body. I used to do weightlifting and strength training in college and I understand the importance of toning and strengthening my body as well as the importance of form and progress. However this was never really viable for me - my mind was never engaged or satisfied with the progress structure and it was a hassle to rely on exterior sources like a gym (and paying for it).

It's more than just exercising - it's being active and having an active life. That is why things like playing a sport or doing social activities like rollerblading with a friend appeal more to me. I'm not trying to replace exercise with activities or vice versa, but want to promote a more active lifestyle for myself. Instead of activities like watching movies, I want to have more active hobbies. Maybe it would be better to explain my query as supplementary to traditional diet and exercise rather than replacing it. I am already working on an exercise regiment involving weights and recumbent biking on my own, but I don't like the idea of just throwing in a 30 minute or 1 hour work out every day within a sedentary lifestyle.

Maybe I should alter my question to to be "What activities do you engage in to stay active besides going to the gym?"

Thank you for all the input so far! It is really helping!

7/27/12 9:09 A

Jordan, maybe setting goals will help make the workout feel less pointless or repetitive. I run so I sign myself up for races. I have a 10k in September, so I know when I run I am working toward something. Also, if you run outside, you definitely have more to keep your attention than just music. :-)

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7/27/12 2:40 A

People often try to find fitness buddy... I wonder if that would really work. Well, maybe. Tens of millions of people are exercising everyday, there must be countless successful stories out there.

But most social type people I see in my gym quickly disappear and only one remains, often never seen both again. I think you shouldn't expect inspiration from your friends too much. It's your exercise for yourself. You should only rely on yourself.

Still, if you like to find buddy, you might find people already doing it. How about find a roller skate, skateboard court and make friends there? There is a skateboard area in my nearby sports park. Kids and adults are playing there after school. Looks very fun. I would join if I was little younger ^_^;

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7/27/12 1:36 A

I am all for active hobbies and have several. But... I think you are missing out on something key by describing exercise as doing the same movements over and over mindlessly. I don't do that, though I do some exercise that may look like that to people who don't like exercise. When exercising it is important to use your brain to focus on keeping excellent form and to notice what your body and muscles are experiencing. I think most people should be able to find fun cardio hobbies, but a good exercise program should also include strength training and flexibility training. For the most part, these feel like exercise, but are worth it. And they should not be mindless and you should be improving either the number of repetitions you can do or your form or how much resistance you can use on a frequent basis for strength training. For stretching, you may not improve each time, but your mind can notice where you are tense and you can be training your mind to help your body relax--then it feels fantastic!

Of course there are fun options for cardio, for strength and for flexibility. It just takes trying different things until you find what sticks and for people who are out-of-shape or not use to activity it can sometimes mean improving fitness before it becomes fun. (I am not saying you are out-of-shape, I have no idea where you are on your journey.) But try whatever catches your fancy!

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7/26/12 2:57 P

Do you play any sports? Check out your local Parks and Recreation department. They usually sponsor/organize adult recreation teams in basketball, soccer, softball, etc. These are open to anyone who wants to show up and play. Parks and Rec usually has low-cost options for other exercise classes, too, in case you don't want to join a gym but would like to try a kickboxing class (for example).

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7/26/12 11:14 A

Well, I do go to they gym---but I do different things every time. I suck at routines, lol. But that's the beauty of a gym---there are tons of different machines! I generally like to do 30 minutes of cardio, abs and arms. But I can do that in a bunch of different ways---biking, stair climbing, running, elliptical, etc. And if I get bored with that, I can do a class--which I typically suck at, but who cares--it makes me sweat.

When I do home videos, I put them on my computer on mute while watching guilty pleasure TV. :)

If I didn't have my kids, I would totally sign up for a team sport of some type--IMO, that's the best and most fun way to get in shape. You can even do running or biking groups--which makes typically solo exercising more social.

I totally hate doing the same thing over and over--but luckily there are a million ways to exercise and you can do whatever you want every day. Just because you start running--doesn't mean you have to do that *every* day. Just have fun!

7/26/12 11:04 A

These are really great ideas! I've been cycling for a few months now and it seems that parking the stand-still bike in front of my computer and watching Netflix helps me keep my mind of it and thus allows me to exercise longer and faster.

Rollerskating sounds awesome! Now that I think about it there are some great park trails a town or two over and retro-skating through them sounds like fun. And that zombie app or something similar sounds like a good way to take my mind off the "so many more steps/minutes" mentality that bothers me so.

The only other thing I can think of is to have a buddy. Even if there isn't a lot of talking (if I'm running that's a definite no on talking), it would be a good way to have some social time and physical activity all at once. I guess that means I need to get some friends who live near me, lol.

Thanks again for all the great suggestions and advice!

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7/25/12 8:02 P

I run regularly, some action, but I do different routes. I have many around the neighbourhood. I do Tai Chi Chaun daily same routines and but out side so the ski, the sun, the moon the stars are all a bit different.

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7/25/12 6:56 P

If you decide you might want to try walks or jogging or running, I just learned about an iPhone and Android app you might like. It's called "Zombies, Run!" and it is essentially a fitness game. You listen through the clips of audio on your headphones and walk or jog or run, and collect supplies along the way. You are running through a post-apocalypse scenario, and there are zombies about!!

I haven't actually had a chance to give it a real try but a lot of people seem to like it very much! It definitely seemed to me like it would get my head out of "one more step, one more step."

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7/25/12 6:10 P

We do the same motion in bed and we love it!

umm... well... kidding (^_^;

Actually, I was on the same boat, thinking how would I ever be able to continue those tedious exercises, until I actually started it.

In fact, seemingly repetitive action can be fun. For most human being, physical activities, whatever it is, would produce dopamine or other brain chemicals a lot. It's not like runner's high, but very much tolerable. Probably for most people, physical activity itself is rewarding experience.

So, set aside your stereotype, try few times and see if you really can't stand it.

One thing. Don't try multi task. Listening music would be OK but anything else would ruin your exercise. Push your limit always. If you can watch TV or read book while on cardio machine, you are not really doing effective exercise but wasting time, and it gets quickly boring.

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7/25/12 5:29 P

I completely understand what you're saying and I just thought of something else - if you have a roller rink in you're area (I know they're rare) or a place with pavement and not much car traffic go retro and do some roller skating! Those skates are heavy and it provides way more of a work out than blading!

7/25/12 5:17 P

Thanks for the great suggestions so far.

It's not so much the repetition of movement but the feeling of repetition in general. It's like writing the same sentence over and over on the chalkboard versus writing an essay. They're repetitive in the hand motion, yes, but there's no real mental aspect or thinking involved. I just don't like the idea of activities that involve "1 crunch, 2 crunch, 3 crunch..."

Does that make sense?

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7/25/12 3:24 P

TRIX - "I think we're also going to start playing ultimate frisbee in our backyard or at the park. I don't know if that counts, though."

LOL - Now that would be something if you could train the dog to throw it back so you could get some benefit too.

Hmmm...activities which aren't repetitive? I don't do them, just throwing out ideas.
Tough Mudder events
Cross Fit classes
Touch Football

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7/25/12 2:34 P

I take boot camp classes, and run and bike. Well, I'll be biking again when I get my bike repaired after storage in the elements for too long.

The group classes I take are always different... I never know what I'm going to be doing day to day. Running, I can go wherever I like, and biking is just my favorite.

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7/25/12 2:09 P

Funny that is what I was going to say, "Swimming and walking the dog are also the same motions over and over!"

I run, I do Tai Chi Chuan, I circle walk, gigong, etc same motions over and over; I am not sure how that is different.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,777
7/25/12 2:00 P

"Anything sounds better that going to the gym and doing the same motions over and over."

Swimming and walking the dog are also the same motions over and over!

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7/25/12 1:58 P

I walk my dog a lot. And by walk I mean more like hike. I /might/ start jogging, eventually, only because I really can't make it to the gym every day.

I think we're also going to start playing ultimate frisbee in our backyard or at the park. I don't know if that counts, though.

7/25/12 1:46 P

I'm not super big on "exercise" in the traditional sense - meaning I don't like to sit in my house or a gym and do repeat motions without anything to occupy my brain besides fast paced music. I prefer active activities, or engaging in hobbies that get me active but also are a natural integration of my life.

Which leads me to ask this: What activities do you do to keep active and exercise? Sports? Swimming? Walking your dog?

I would love to hear everyone's suggestions and ideas! Anything sounds better that going to the gym and doing the same motions over and over.

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