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3/24/14 8:36 A

If this is an ongoing condition and you haven't seen your doc, you should do so asap. Acid reflux is nothing to mess with, IMO. I've had two several bouts of it quite a while back, and I've learned how to eat to avoid getting any more than some mild upset every once in a while. I took prescription prevacid for a couple of years and then weaned off it over a LONG period of time.

Suggestions - figure out what your triggers are. Alcohol, acidic foods, caffeine, spicy foods and greasy foods are some of the most common. One of my triggers is eating large amounts of either pineapple or tomatoes--both will make me nauseous all the next day. So, even though I love them both, they are now moderation foods for me.

Prevacid, nexium, zantac, and the like must be taken daily over time in order to be effective---taking them for a day or two AFTER symptoms strike will do little good. (Hint - the generic prescription for prevacid might be cheaper than the OTC version.) Once I got to the severe stage, tums and rolaids did absolutely nothing. I always felt better if I ate smaller, more frequent meals. I also put two wood blocks under the headposts of my bed to prop myself up at just enough of an angle to allow gravity to help my stomach acid stay where it belonged.

You should work with your doc and know that this will be a long-term "project", but it can be managed.

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3/23/14 9:22 P

I suffer from this if I have eaten something I shouldn't, OR eaten too much. I am on medication for it, but sometimes if it is mild, a couple teaspoons of yoghurt helps - particularly if the yoghurt isn't a strong-flavoured, acidy one like apricot. I also have liquid Mylanta on hand. Other than those two things, I generally have to 'grin and bear it' until it has subsided.


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3/23/14 7:53 P

I've had reflux my entire life. I ended up having the reflux surgery after all trials of medication failed. I have Barrett's esophagus (precancerous changes) and I even had damage to my larnyx and vocal cords. The surgery promised complete relief with no need for further medication and a "normal" diet. Unfortunately that wasn't the case for me. I still needed meds like Nexium and Prevacid after the surgery and still struggle to control the symptoms. I stumbled by accident upon a book written by two doctors about a reflux diet. It's essentially low acid/low fat and no reflux triggers like caffeine, citrus fruits, and tomatoes. I've been on it for three weeks and I've already eliminated one of my reflux medications. I haven't had symptoms for the last two weeks and I've lost 12 pounds. Here's a link to the diet info.:

If you're interested, you could ask your doctor what he or she thinks. While giving up coffee and chocolate, pizza, and french fries hasn't been easy, I have been able to find healthy choices that I enjoy and I'm feeling better than I have in a long time. Good luck to you!

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4/26/13 10:59 A

I started getting heartburn probably about 8 or 9 years ago. At first I didn't know what I was feeling, and it only affected me when I was in bed. There were nights it got so bad, I went and forced myself to be sick, I was half way there anyways. I described it to my doctor and he immediately knew it was heart burn. I never changed my diet, I still drink coffee, albeit much less than I did then. I was initially prescribed Prevacid, which then went to the generic form, then to another branded variety, and now to the generic of that. Sorry for not remembering that ones name. I know I have acid reflux, simply by the fact that, if I miss 1 day, 1 dose, I am (pardon the expression) 'going to die'. More or less, I actually feel the start of it coming on today, but I haven't missed any.
One note for those coffee drinking acid reflux sufferers: try drinking light or medium roast coffee. The darker the roast, the more free radicals you introduce to your body, which will cause an increase in acid production. Very similar if you ate burnt/darkened foods from the bbq. The lighter the roast, the less this effect happens. And in my opinion, it tastes better too.


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6/13/12 8:47 A

The last page of this article offers some tips that might help you prevent ongoing problems.

Dietary Tips for Digestive Distress

Coach Tanya

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6/13/12 7:25 A

Not sure if this answers your question, but I've had pretty bad bouts of acid reflux (my own fault for eating things like pepperoni, I guess) and it can take days for me to feel normal again after an attack. Tums do very little to help, but some of my family & friends recommended eating an apple a day.

Since starting to eat an apple a day, I only suffer from occasional, mild heartburn, and I haven't had any acid reflux (but I also stay away from triggers as much as I can). The website lists Granny Smith, Red or Golden Delicious, or Braeburn, but I usually have either Fuji or Gala and they seem to work for me. I think any sweet apple will work.

Even if it doesn't really work to "cure" acid reflux, eating an apple a day can't be bad, right? Also, planning on an apple for a snack reduces the chances of me grabbing something unhealthy (and heartburn-inducing)!

DREAVG Posts: 3,215
6/12/12 9:08 P


Did you try some Tums or Rolaids? That is my go to treatment when this happens to me. In may case, it happens when I eat sugar (cookies, cake, etc.)


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6/12/12 8:58 P


Before I started taking Nexium, I would also eat a lot bread because it didn't cause acid reflux.

I try to avoid foods that are spicy or acidic and I don't drink coffee or diet cokes anymore. My doc also told me to stop chewing gum because I was constantly chewing it. LOL

SACHABEE Posts: 997
6/12/12 8:52 P

I had a bad nutrition day. I had heart burn and a sour stomach all day. I felt like the only thing that made me feel better was to eat... And i made poor choices because i wasnt feeling good and wanted "bready" foods. The prevacid and tums weren't doing much. A little frustrated because I was on a roll this week, but I won't let it bring me down. Anyone else have these troubles? How do you deal?

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