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2/6/13 11:52 A

A lot of times, the entries that come up in the search are entered by other members. They may have made mistakes, or the calories may have changed!I check the entry first to see if it matches, and if I can't find one that does, I may have to enter it myself. :)

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2/6/13 11:45 A

On a couple of things, but where you enter the info, right under the button, you can see, where it says, see full nutritional values, and then it will pop up, and then you can check it, to see, if thats right. sometimes it is sometimes it isn't, mostly right. If that particualr choice is not, there is another choice in there. I love to track my food, on this site. Do you look at your full report after the day is over? I do every day, and I always come up short with the fat. I am going to have to get some oil, and eat it.

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2/6/13 11:26 A

I track food here but I find that some of the numbers Spark lists is different from what the packaging says. Today I had lox. Sparkpeople listed 2 oz at 66 calories and the back of the package said 120 for 2 oz. Anyone else found a discrepancy? Do you double check other sites to confirm if the package does not list calories?

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