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As a parent of a couple young adults and as a substitute teacher I have learned how to quickly see "different" behaviors and personalities among children and my students. I'm not perfect, but I am getting better the more I see children. I'm also not always correct in my assessments.

But if I am with students long enough to get that good feeling about how they are acting or acting out, I like to express my joy or displeasure with their parents. As I put it to them, I am just the substitute and your child may be just having some off days, BUT, ..........................................

For the most part, the parents take my input and many times ask for my input. As a parent, I used to do that too. I liked to ask a sub how my child did so I could see if they think the same way as the regular teacher. I also accepted that sometimes, that sub was not so good, too strict, too lenient, etc. But it is all good info to help a parent work with their kids and their environment.

So I only point this out because I have seen how some folks don't take criticism very well, especially when it is about their children. I hope when I try to help others with any issues, especially with their children, that they also accept that we can only do so much with the info we get. And even then we are just giving our thoughts and prayers from our experiences and knowledge that we have gained over the years. God bless

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