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Having a new family gaining two step kids (adults) has been interesting to say the least..

We moved into a new yard, new landscaping, which means a lot of the planted flowers are NOT landscaped.. I made sure in our old yard.. things were surrounded by mulch, rocks or something that way everyone knew which were flowers, which ones were weeds..if nothing was around the plant it was free to mow and free game to damage to despair.

Well we moved on mother's day weekend and so my hubby never ever really got me anything, nor did we do anything, we moved..

Last week he got me a really sweet card and a new rose bush in my favorite colors.. I planted it was growing and the roots loved where I had put them.. (usually I have bad luck with roses and planting) LOL

Well, first time step son ran over my rosebush and my brush full of lillies against the fence and murdered them...

All I saw were my roses on the ground wilting........ I wanted to cry almost because it was the first thing my hubby ever gave me as a plant.. but in reality the damage was done, so all I could do is laugh at the situation...I am not a flower person, but It means so much more if I can plant something in my yard and have it regrow to keep..(it took my hubby 1hr to choose this plant for me)

I am not mad at my step son at all.. it seems the rose bush has taken its roots and I am just thinking of it as an early pruning for my rose bush LOLOL I gathered what was left of the flowers, and he did feel bad about it.. but like I told him... this new yard is huge he did an awesome job mowing a large yard.. I haven't been able to mark my flowers yet but next time he mows I am to explore the yard with him to show him what is mow-able and what is not..

The life of step kids! and oh my Rose bush, I am not sure about roses or how they work, but I am sure it will be on the mend again .. this is just a random post because I felt like it and for the fact is... live is never boring when you have so much action... LOLOL

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