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8/8/12 3:23 P

On the other side of the coin, I'm a sweater. I drip all over the floor in the gym and I'm drenched - it looks like I've been swimming.

Geez I *wish* it meant I was burning more! But sadly no. It just means my body isn't as efficient at cooling as Heather's is, so it turns more to sweat as a method to cool down than hers does.

"The point of working out is to sweat" - bzzt. No. Banish that idea from your brain.

If you can work out more in a comfortably cool environment because the sweat gets to you, then do it! :)

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8/8/12 3:11 P

Oh, and to emphasize my previous point, I don't really sweat a lot; I'm an inefficient sweater, and as a result, I'm very prone to heat-related illness. The only time I really sweat a lot is when there's a lot of humidity. And believe me, I blast some calories in a workout... I put in my all!

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8/8/12 2:39 P

And in fact, we burn more calories when we're cold than when we're hot, because our bodies spend more energy trying to stay warm. Sweating just feels good ;).

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8/8/12 12:45 P

Actually, the point of exercise is to burn calories. :) Sweat is a side effect, not a goal. All sweat is is your body's reaction to heat. Sweating more doesn't mean you're burning more. It just means you're hotter. :) If sweating burned calories, all we'd have to do is sit in a sauna all day and shed the pounds without a bit of effort. :)

It's certainly advisable to turn on the AC, especially if you wouldn't be able to work as hard or as long otherwise!

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8/8/12 12:09 P

I use the AC and ceiling fan now. It helps me keep going.
You are burning the calories and heating up from the inside--the AC just helps to dry the skin off and makes you feel better. Working out in a hot room puts you at greater risk for heat exhaustion, it doesn't make you burn more calories.

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8/8/12 12:02 P

Gyms keep their AC on in the summer, and if I'm working out in my living room I keep my fan AND my AC on (my house is drafty so it's hard to heat up or cool down). Just make sure it's not set on insanely cold or you could get sick.

8/8/12 11:57 A

I need advice on this topic.
I know that one of the points of working out is to sweat - but it gets too hot (duh!) and I lose focus or quit. So I turn the fan on in the room and sometimes even turn the AC on also.
Is this advisable?

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