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2/21/11 7:03 A

At this time mine isn't aggravated enough to seek medical attention, so I don't have any immediate plans as to where I would be going for help. I've had an MRI done that helped in the diagnosis & then my regular doctor referred me to physical therapy and after one visit, after realizing that I had to pay for this out of pocket because my insurance deductible is so high, I didn't continue the therapy. I often worry about whether a bulging disc can turn into a herniated disc if not treated.
Good luck with your treatment of choice, it sounds like yours could be worse then mine based on the pain level you've mentioned.

SWEBER72 Posts: 11
2/20/11 1:29 P

I have a question about your injury. I went into an urgent care last week, just couldn't take the pain any more and I was told I had a bulging disk in the same place...are you going to use and orthopedic doctor or a chiropractor???? I have had good and bad experiences with both with different injuries and am at a loss here.

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1/9/11 6:03 P

I appreciate your ideas and will mention those to my doctor when I get this checked out. Something happened this week, I think while doing an oblique ab move, and I believe my bulging disc is aggravated or has turned into a herniated disc.
Thanks again,

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1/9/11 6:01 P

You're right SKYWATCHER, SparkPeople isn't the best place to get medical/exercise advise and I appreciate your advise. I do plan on consulting my physician about whether my bulging disc has become a herniated disc this week (possibly due to some oblique ab exercises). Something definitely happened this week. I just thought I'd get some ideas from others and then when I see my doctor I'd be able to ask specific questions about any specific exercise and whether I should or shouldn't do that one.
I wasn't told not to do any exercises, when they told me about the bulging disc 1-1/2 years ago, but I definitely tamed my workouts down and I feel like my body is now showing me the signs of it with weight gain and week ab muscles.
Thanks again for your advise and concern.
Teresa emoticon

1/9/11 11:47 A

IF this has progressed into a serious medical condition, nobody on Spark is qualified to give you specific exercise advice. We might hurt you with the wrong advice because we are not medical professionals and do not know your medical history/condition.

Please contact a physical therapist through your doctor for specific advice and exercises you can do and cannot do. A herniated disk is very serious - don't play around with it.

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1/9/11 9:31 A

I have an ab roller (not sure if that is the proper name) but it has a pad for the neck which supports my entire upper back, neck, and shoulders to I'm only using av muscles when I crunch. It's made a huge difference. I found it at a thrift shop for $5. Now I can crunch without wrecking my neck.

Another really good one is to lie on your back, put a 25 pound weight on your ab, then push it up as far as you can, suck it in as far as you can, repeat 25-50 times. It's a killer and harder than it sounds. Increase weight as it gets easier. You can start lighter if you need to.

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1/9/11 9:22 A

I have a bulging (possibly now a herniated disc) in my neck (C5-C6)which makes it uncomfortable to do crunches or planks to work my core/abs. Can anyone suggest ab/core exercises that will not involve using neck or shoulder muscles? I feel my ab muscles are getting very soft due to lack of doing ab workouts now.
Thanks for any ideas.

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