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11/23/13 10:18 P

Thanks for the comments! It gives me something's to think over!

M@L - Actually I did start cleaning until after it had soaked and the only breaks I took were bathroom breaks. So the 105 is minus those breaks and only when I was actively scrubbing. Lets just say I'm suborn and refused to stop cleaning until I ran out of elbow grease to scrub with.

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11/23/13 6:54 P

There are some good points here, many of them conflicting.

Spark already includes an allowance for daily chores, so to track them as exercise would be to double count.

But some chores have all the characteristics of cardio (repeated rhythic movements over an extended period), and involve sufficient effort to be above and beyond a standard allowance for normal activities. Yard work, shovelling snow, and heavy scrubbing may well fall in that category.

However, Spark's tracker assumes constant activity. The task may well have taken you 105 minutes, but after you got out and put away the cleaning material, changed position to access a different part of the oven, waited for the cleaner to be absorbed into the accumulated crud, etc, 'active' scrubbing may only have been 30-40 minutes. I'd recommend being conservative in your estimate of the active component of the task.


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11/23/13 2:29 P

My standard for counting cleaning is that if I am working hard enough to sweat a lot, I count it. For me, this generally means very heavy things like moving furniture and hauling a lot of stuff around.

Not terribly scientific. :)

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11/23/13 1:08 P

Although cleaning is hard to call exercise, it is definitely a physical activity. Metabolic equivalent (MET) for heavy cleaning is 3.0. Weight lifting with light or moderate effort has the same metabolic equivalent. For the comparison MET for bicycling (stationary) with a light effort is 5.5

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11/23/13 12:47 P

I have to agree with Sailor64. Although I'm sure that scrubbing out the oven is not something you do every day, and that you'll be sore in places tomorrow, at best it would count as strength and stretching exercises, not cardio, unless you're wearing a heart rate monitor that verifies the increased heart rate. Cardio is what is measured by minutes. Strength is measured by repetitions.

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11/23/13 9:41 A

Dear Angel,

Daily chores are physical, but they do not count as exercise.


11/23/13 7:08 A

My question is that I have spent almost 2 hours using heavy duty elbow grease to scrub my oven which was bad. I'm not sure if that counts as exercise or not? Or if I do track here should I track all 105 minutes? I am uncertain so I thought I'd seek advice here!

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