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FAMILYMAN9 Posts: 2,619
11/15/11 7:53 P

I found a Weight Watchers scale from Conair that is the first one that gives me consistent results. Have had it for several months and I get the same weight when I step on it, get off, and step on it again. Like you, I found other digital scales would give several readings, seconds apart.

OLDNEWS42 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/15/11 1:31 P

Funny...I find the measuring tape even more of a mystery! How hard do I pull it? Exactly whee does it go around? No, I find any more of a variable in the tape than in the scale! But that may just be me.

IGOALOT SparkPoints: (16,300)
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11/15/11 1:12 P

i have never found 2 scales that give the same reading. i have heard that weight can fluctuate up to 5 lbs in a day. i use the scale as an approx number but use the measuring tape as a true guide. an inch is an inch no matter what tape you use.

JGROTH51 Posts: 1,093
11/13/11 4:55 P

I have the same problem with my digital scale and would appreciate it if someone knows of a brand that is more accurate.

ROBBIE53 SparkPoints: (72,734)
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11/13/11 7:20 A

I step on three times if the second time is different and take the average. My kitchen scale is a Cook's scale. You can measure in ounces or grams.

TATTER3 SparkPoints: (318,447)
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11/12/11 5:38 P

Digital/professional/medical scales are the best...but for the can pay lots of money and still not have accuracy. Try weighing before you go to the Dr and then compare their scales with yours. I use mine as an average...not the final verdict!!!

OLDNEWS42 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/12/11 8:49 A

Have been using a digital scale in the bathroom....but it varies from time to time (step on once a pound lost--step off and on again, two pounds gained!) Was wondering what others have found that works best and most consistently.

Also--what type of scale do you use in the kitchen for weighing out food portions?

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