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11/4/13 10:07 A

Hi. Yin yoga could also be called restorative, though there are subtle differences. In addition, consider gentle or hatha yoga. You can also find other types of yoga here:

Ashtanga is suitable for all levels when taught by an experienced teacher, but I do not recommend that yoga novices or those with any health issues learn via DVD. You might also seek out a "slow flow" class or DVD too.

11/3/13 12:11 P

YIKES! Very sorry - I forgot to subscribe to my own post (it's been a while!) Thank you SO much for your reply (And for reading my 'epistle'!!) I've saved the yoga page/link - and reviewed it (will keep it as a point of reference). You mentioned the Yin Yoga - I am American, but I live in the UK - is there another name for it? (there were only two that came up in my search on Amazon - and they were U.S. NTSC region only). However! Just realizing you'd said you're an Ashtanga yoga teacher, do you think I'd be able to handle Ashtanga?

Thank you again for your help emoticon

10/31/13 9:31 A

Hi! Thanks for sharing your history. I'm SparkPeople's editorial director and a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher. I am thrilled to hear that you're having such success with your kundalini yoga DVD. Let's see if we can find you some other routines to go along with that!
We have plenty of resources that can help you. To start, check out our comprehensive yoga guide, which lists all of our yoga content:

On that page, I recommend reading the article "How Yoga Helps Relieve Pain," "8 Seated Yoga Poses You Can Do from a Chair" (for days when you're in a lot of pain), and then scrolling down to the section on recommended DVDs. There are quite a few listed that might be suitable for you. I don't think you'll be detracting from the progress you've made with the other DVD if you implement some other practices. You mentioned qi gong, and I think that too would be beneficial, as would yin yoga.
I hope I've answered your question fully. :)

10/31/13 9:13 A

I need to give a bit of history, I will try to be brief in order to work toward my question(s).

1997-1998 and a bit into '99 - had been gradually working to get my weight down through better eating (choices, portions), doing daily exercise (alternating). I had never felt so good.
1999 struggled with increase of tremors, muscle fatigue, severe weight loss and much more.
2000 I was finally diagnosed with a really 'far out' case of Graves' Disease (hyperactive thyroid).
2001 I received my first 'zap' of the radioactive iodine (RAI) in order to get my thyroid under control
2002 weight gain, was managing to get out for walks - but not feeling great, still felt very hyper, received 2nd dosage of the RAI. Following second dose, things did seem to improve. However I stopped working out entirely (6 months later I was ordered by the oncologist to have another and final dose of the RAI - it finally 'flat lined' my thyroid).
2002 My weight was increasingly higher and higher, all too common with thyroid issues (Either way). Though I was starting to do my formerly *beloved* pilates and power walking again, I simply wasn't 'getting there' in my mind.

- THINGS that happened from my graves 'hooey' as I Call it emoticon - my legs suffered greatly. I still have residual tremors. Which means these things have left it very difficult for me to find workouts to do that I Can sustain, or have the stamina - to complete.

2010 - I had a household move, started smoking again, found my weight at an all time high. My thyroid was re-assessed, my medication was increased to 225 (levoxyl)thyroxine mcg. I also invested in an exercise bike which I found to love - because I could do this for ten minutes increase the intensity up one notch for five and then cool down for five. Within a week, I was able to do more (I don't ever increase the intensity and duration during 'one' workout). - end of 2010 - the household move had really taken its toll, by starting smoking again, I Felt utterly defeated and sadly stopped with the exercise bike to focus on getting re-settled into the new place.

2011 - I began to see we were settling in and how close (sort of) to town/shops, all sorts - we really were. I attempted to walk to the shops and found myself completely drained not even half way there. (it's approximately 1 mile each way - flat street surfaces). Mid 2011 I began to re-utilize my former measuring system (Akin to Rosemary Conelly's 'measuring pots') I just use a measuring cup (1 cup!) I began to use that cup to control (And taper my portions WAY down) I managed to start eating a THIRD LESS than I had previously. I noticed I began to lose a little bit of weight.

- Weight loss within two months 10 lbs by making these food/portion changes.
- still smoking but not as much

2011 - somewhere in there I began to reintegrate my exercise bike and pilates. As a kid/teen, I used to do ballet, gymnastics, heavy swimmer. I fell IN LOVE with pilates. I was SO glad and proud of myself to be doing it again. I tried a beginner's yoga DVD (I can't remember which, I Gave it away) because I found I couldn't hold the poses *at all* due to my 'challenges'.

2012 - somewhere along the line I *found it* - it - being?? IT - what I needed WITHIN to get me BACK on track. I started essentially at 225 lbs, I am currently 178 lbs as of this morning, but weight/numbers don't mean much to me in that respect, because my waistline has gone down (from a size 22 down to a 16). I still have more to go - I am small framed, but what was found is that my body fat has gone WAY DOWN and my weight is mostly reflecting MUSCLE MASS on the *return* huge.

2013...I sorta skipped ahead, that size 16 wasn't discovered until earlier on this year (not 2012) - I grabbed a size 18/20, friend said that it was way too big, I put on a 16 and could NOT believe it fit.
- food - incredibly better, though really need to work on eating more consistently to maintain and support metabolism, etc. (portions are good healthy and *Small* compared to what I used to eat)

2013 - PRESENT DAY - THIS is my dilemma (sorta!)
I have just started with Maya Fiennes detox and destress kundalini yoga dvd.
I feared trying it but watching a preview it seemed 'ok'. The very first time I did it - there were points that were quite difficult, but I know as with any new program to do it at my own pace, keep focused and do my best. By the end - I amazing and...AND - I HAD DONE THE YOGA dvd...YOGA!!

It's now been nearly a month doing this dvd nearly every day. I do take 'rest days' and occasionally still do my exercise bike (really try to ramp it up to get cardio going and have my resistance bands wrapped around the handles, it's funny really but a great work out). BUT

I want more. I want to do more yoga. I have NO idea where to go which style or to carry on with the kundalini - or if it'd be a good idea to add in a beginner's routine of Hatha or Vinyasa/flow yoga. I don't think I could do Ashtanga or Warrior yoga (YET but it looks highly intriguing).

It is SO WEIRD. But I LOVE being THIS excited ABOUT the fact that I can PHYSICALLY DO THIS DVD!! (sorry will stop shouting!)
- WITH having done this DVD now for nearly a month - I'm not losing hoards of weight but some (which is good!)
- I am able to walk to the shops without so much as blinking an eye really (though if carrying a bag I am shattered afterwards - still some to do on my strength)
- I am able to do her work out with a lot more focus and completely 'be present' for the 'active meditation' (workout, so to speak, but it is definitely a wonderful 'active meditation' - getting movement in a relaxed state...feeling refreshed and as though you HAVE done a work out but NOT?? plus the awesome closing/laying meditation is *tremendous*) - I'm addicted. I want more.

I want to add more, and/or to balance this.
I have been told maybe to try Shaolin Qi Gong (not sure the difference to that and Tai Chi)
- I have done a lot of fitness in years past, but not this realm. I'm BLOWN away by what I am now able to do.

Part of it is my weight loss...getting me to the point where I can move better which in turn makes me FEEL better, the other part is because I am DOING more - I DO MORE.

And now I want to do even MORE.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not at the 'starting gate' with a thousand horses ready to charge. I know I will have to take some things into consideration. I know that if I did start a new 'path' I'd have to take it from the ground up, but that's what I want.

Let's say that I am rebuilding the foundation to my house. The support beams and roof crumbled and now we're repaving...I want to create a good solid balanced foundation and then take it bit by bit to rebuild those supports.

With my physical limitations (reducing day-by-day really!) (muscle weakness, tremors, stamina, strength) - I feel completely *right* doing this kundalini yoga dvd - and feel it will always be a part of my regime - is/are there any thoughts, recommendations on the aspect of yoga (keeping with the same, integrating a different style)...or is there something else that could provide this balance I worry I might detract from what the kundalini yoga gives me (which is why I am curious about the Shaolin Qi Gong - way of the warrior by shifu- no that's not as in kung fu panda lol) My apologies for the length of this, appreciate your time and any thoughts/suggestions you may have. Thank you.

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