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1/21/13 6:00 P

Just search "circuit" in the cardio list of exercises. It's in there. For a circuit type you normally don't bother recording weights, reps, sets.

1/21/13 5:32 P

another question! while Im here. I went to planet fitness and did their circuit training, its 10 weights and 11 step up stations all in a half do you figure out how many calories you burned in that instance.

and I've been using my range of calories, and I think i'm on the right track, thank you to everyone for your help

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1/18/13 6:54 A


The answer to this question is complex.

Yes, it is true that exercise will increase your calorie deficit and help you to lose weight faster.

But a calorie burned through exercise is not a perfect substitute for a calorie not eaten.

Most nutritionist recommend a minimum intake of 1200 for men, and 1500 for women. But this is not just for calories, but to get essential vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy, to supply protein as the raw material for all those essential repair jobs, etc.

But if you open up too large of a calorie deficit through lots of exercise and a very restricted intake, then your body can try to close the gap by slowing your metablism, sacrificing muscle to preserve fat stores, etc. Not only is this unhealthy, but it can make longer term weight loss harder.

Fortunately, Spark will take care of all of this for you. Just ensure that your Exercise Goals (accessible from the LH side of the Start page) reasonably reflect what you burn through exercise in a typical week. Spark will take this into account in coming up with a recommended intake.

Also, the body can naturally fluctuate by several pounds from day to day, for reasons that have nothing to do with fat loss or gain. This can mask or exaggerate fat loss over the period of a week or two - you may need to look at the longer term trend, rather than what happens in a single week.


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1/18/13 12:01 A

You said you're aiming for exactly 1200 calories. Your body doesn't react all that well to an exact amount every day and that's very difficult to do unless you eat exactly the same thing every day (and then you're probably not getting enough variety to be healthy!).

So aim for Spark's range of 1200-1550. Use the ENTIRE range. It's absolutely FINE to be 1500 some days! :)

Try it for 8 weeks and see if you lose weight as fast as you've set your goal for. If not, then it could be time to review whether less food, or more food, is going to be your answer. For some people it's more, for some people it's less.

But try this first, and see if anything needs changing. If you start by the 8th week consistently losing a healthy amount each week, there is no need to change anything.

1/17/13 11:30 P

I know everybody says this but it feels like I'm doing what I should be doing, especially the last two weeks, measuring, only eating my calories and weightloss isn't happening and so I thought maybe its because of not.understanding the calories in and calories out.

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1/17/13 9:10 P

Dance classes like Shbam, Jam, and Zumba normally on average only burn between 400-500 calories per hour. A lot of sites people say they're burning 800-1000 calories but even instructors who wear the bands say going full force on stage they don't burn that amount or even close.

I know you said you're goal is 1200 calories per day. My range is the lowest possible for SP so its 1200-1550 and this is what my settings are at:

Jan 1st - started at 160 lbs.

2000 calories min. burned per week, sometimes its closer to 3000 but it depends on my work schedule but SP has it set at 2000.

2 lb weight lost goal a week - more like 5 lb. per month but I cheat on weekends sometimes if I'm drinking so I stuck in to 2 to compensate for some weeks.

Now my BMR doesn't burn 2000 calories per day - mine is set somewhere between 1800-1900 and I put sedentary but even then you really shouldn't be stressing over calorie differential everyday. It's going to make you go insane and because a lot of things come into play with weight loss such as amount of stress, sleep, water intake, and ST so even if you differential is 7000+ you might not see any weight lose that week. Just ignore it and please don't weight yourself everyday cause weight can flucuate 1-5 lb. per day and that'll make you even more crazy.

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1/17/13 8:26 P

How are you burning nearly 1000 calories at Zumba? I don't feel like it is a hard workout, at all!

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1/17/13 5:09 P

I burn alot at my Zumba class, sometimes 850-995, 3-4 times a week, And Im happy with that.

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1/17/13 5:03 P

That really depends. What is your current weight loss goal per week, and how much are you burning? If you're doing any exercise, the odds are 1200 calories may not be enough, unless you're very small already.

1/17/13 5:02 P

wow I didn't know any of that, but I'm still confused, based on that, I'm eating 1200 calories a day, am I eating to little to lose? should I be eating more.

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1/17/13 4:17 P

Hi DAISY_CHAIN! You're operating on some basic misconceptions, and I think I can help clear them up for you.

No, your calories don't stop "counting." Exercise calories don't make food disappear. It's a common misconception that you can "work off" the food you eat!

Here's what's going on.

You have your BMR (base metabolic rate) that is how many calories you burn at rest, just sitting around doing nothing. This is what your body burns naturally, and is different for most people. That 2,000 calories you see on the side of food's nutrition information label is based on this number for maintenance. Let's use my numbers as an example, since I know what it is. (You can find yours in your calorie differential report here on SP). Mine's 1900.

Assuming you are basically sedentary, you then multiply this number by 1.2 to account for all the other stuff you do; walking to the car, going to the grocery store, walking around at work, etc.

That would make my daily calorie burn without any exercise about 2,280. That means I can eat anywhere from 2000-2300 calories and maintain.

Now, you add on your exercise calories on top of that! If you burn 100 calories, you'd add that on to your daily calorie burn, making it 2,380.

To lose weight, I would then eat LESS than I am burning. To figure out your calorie deficit, you subtract what you're eating from that final number. So, if I were to eat only 1200 calories, I would be creating a HUGE calorie deficit that would be unhealthy for my body. that would be 1,180.

It takes a deficit of 3500 calories to lose a pound, which broken down over a week means you want to create a daily deficit of about 500 calories through diet and exercise to lose weight at the rate of 1 lb per week, a safe amount for my weight and height. I can go up to about 2 lbs, but that creates a larger deficit and means I can't eat as much, and I like food. A lot. :) I don't do that dieting thing.

So, I aim for about 1500-1900 calories a day! I burn anywhere from 200-500 calories a day, depending on what I do. On days when I'm exercising intensely, I NEED my 1900 calories. On days where I'm sedentary, I eat less. I use my range, and you should too! Your range is at least 1200-1550. That's the minimum Sparkrange.

When I first got started, my range was 1900-2200... I was doing tons of bootcamp workouts, and seriously burning a huge amount every day. And yes, I lost. :)

Here's how Sparkpeople does all this:

Does this help?

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1/17/13 4:10 P

Trying to make calories disappear or eating the same exact number of calories you burn will not make weight come off. You have to burn more calories than what you eat.

I always treat my calories burned and calories eaten as two separate entities. I know that I need to eat x number of calories based on what SP has calculated for me (and it's spot on) to lose weight by just eating food and no exercise. Then I just burn as many calories as I can every day to ensure I lose. If you want to be even more exact, track your calories burned in the fitness section using SP for a week or so and then put your weekly average calories burned into the settings for your fitness, and SP will automatically adjust your eating calories for you to make sure you eat enough based on what you burn.

I never think of it as an exact amount of this or that. I'll drive myself crazy trying to get exact amounts because they don't exist. Our bodies are always changing based on sleep, combination of foods, hormones, etc. I focus more on the general idea of things: calories in have to be less than calories out. If I disconnect my fork from my mouth and get off my rear and on my feet regularly, I'm going to see success.

I wouldn't worry about the 10 calorie difference in the exercise because it's not that big of a jump in the grand scheme of things. Make sure you're not relying on a treadmill to tell you how many calories you've burned based on just your age and weight--use the SP fitness information, it's way more reliable, or get a monitor to track calories burned.

If you are eating the calories recommended by SP and exercising regularly, you're going to lose weight. Be patient with yourself--it'll come off, trust me! :)

1/17/13 3:37 P

hi! so I have been meteculous about tracking my calories for the last few weeks, and have been walking every day and I want to verify some things for my own mind. Is it true or false that if you work off calories they are as if they arent there? in otherwords, say by noon Ive eaten 400 calories, and then I walk on the treadmill and work off 100 calories, does that mean 100 of those calories no longer count? and can go back in my allotted calories for the day. Thats how I think it works, and yet my mind has a hard time grasping the fact that I worked off those calories therefore they dont exist. Can someone verify the formula in which it works.

also, how do you know which is right, I walked 20 minutes the other day at the speed that edomondo told me I walked, and then today I walked at the same speed on the treadmill for the same amount of time, and they are around 10 calories away from eachother...

the reason its so important to me is cause Im trying really hard to eat as many calories as Im supposed to (which is 1200 right now) and not eat less or more since both arent helpful to weightloss. im trying to be as exact as possible.

thanks a lot!

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