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MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
1/7/14 3:52 P

I agree that broth is awesome, and gives a good satiety boost for such low calories. Bonus, it's essentially FREE if you make your own since the bones generally go in the trash anyway, and it makes the house smell delicious while you're making it! This way you can also control the sodium as well (there are also low-sodium options available on store shelves).

I agree with other posters that it really doesn't matter when you eat. If 9pm is appropriate for your schedule and you don't have trouble sleeping after dinner, I wouldn't be too fussed to change it. I frequently serve dinner around 8 or 9 as well, and I like that I never need a snack before bed because I'm still satisfied. I tried having dinner on the table around 5:30 for a brief stint, and it just gave me too much time afterwards to find more calories to eat!

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1/7/14 2:53 P

Maybe when you wake up hungry when you eat real late is because of WHAT you eat, and perhaps maybe even how much. If you have been feeling guilty about eating late, do you try to eat less than you really need as a form of 'damage control' ???? Ensure that you get plenty of fruit/vege with your meal, and also lean protein. Some healthy fats help, too, and keep sodium to a minimum.

If I have a commercial pizza, I am starving not too long after, even tho' I may have eaten a couple meals' worth of calories. The same with Chinese food.


KEILMAN11 Posts: 13
1/7/14 10:33 A

Thanks for all the input. I always felt bad eating so late, some nights we have gone to Ihop for dinner as late at 10pm. We both have a tendency to wake up hungry when we eat really late, which I guess is okay since we eat breakfast anyway!

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,299
1/7/14 6:17 A

A calorie is a calorie no matter what time of day it is....carbs and what kind of carbs eaten are what matters. Resistant starches are good choices for carbs...foods with high resistant starch, along with high fiber content are black beans, northern beans, navy beans, red kidney beans, lentils, split peas, black-eyed peas, brown rice, rolled outs, millet, corn, black rice. The insulin hormone is responsible for fat storage in the body and so it is important that its level is maintained in the body

Maybe invest in a crockpot or a ricer which can make many different foods, so when you are working from home it will be cooking and a meal will be waiting for you and yours when your ready to eat. Soup can be made in the crockpot also. I have even made delicious meatloaf in the crockpot.

A Stir Fry is also an easy meal...lean protein with non-starchy veggies...onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, snow peas, carrots, broccoli or whatever crocked at medium-high heat. Try thin slices of boneless skinless chicken, pork tenderloin, or lean beef like sirloin or top round or flank steak. Pepper Steak is another easy meal...just stir fry and in minutes you can have an easy meal with some protein to help keep you full.

Jennie O Ground 99% Fat Free Ground turkey is a good stir fry ingredient...4 ounces is just 120 calories....Saute some green Peppers, onions, red pepper flakes, garlic, A tsp. of Kitchen Bouquet, a tad of rosemary in Olive oil and the ground turkey....serve over a bed of romaine, wild rice or stuff the stir fry into 2 Taco's. Add salsa or sour cream... Fast and easy.

Just some ideas that are fast and easy.

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1/7/14 4:53 A

It doesn't matter what time you eat - what matters is the calories in versus calories out, and the type of food that you eat. By the latter I mean that if you eat 1500 calories of garbage, instead of 1500 calories of healthy, nutritious food, odds are you will still lose weight, but you will be starving your body of the HEALTHY nutrients that it needs via lean protein, fruit/veges, healthy fats and complex carbs.

I ALWAYS eat a snack (and often more a like a mini meal) before going to bed around 11p.m. There are many of us who do, but have still succeeded.


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1/7/14 4:40 A

I agree that it is what you eat and not always when you eat

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1/7/14 2:28 A

The actual "clock time" you eat doesn't really matter in my opinion. That will depend on your Lifestyle really! After all, there are folks who work Evening shift...there are folks who work Night Shift......

More important would be how long between meals, and your total calories. As a Pre-Diabetic, I found it best for myself if I eat three regular meals....and have a smaller snack between each, so I don't go over three hours without eating. And, I need to space out my carb consumption so its no more than about 35-50 at a time. That may not work for some.

Some folks believe "rules" like "no eating after 7pm" help them control their total intake, and help defeat mindless habits. Works for some--doesn't for others. Find your own path, be consistent, follow your calorie limits and nutrition goals....and you will succeed!!

Best Wishes,

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KEILMAN11 Posts: 13
1/7/14 1:40 A

So, I learned something new today, well...I'm sure I looked at it before but I forgot. I use a lot of broth when cooking winter time meals. An entire cup of beef broth is only 15 calories and 0 fat. Yes there is a lot of sodium, but that is fine for me since I usually don't reach a daily minimum in sodium. I didn't look at the chicken broth or vegetable broth yet, but will tomorrow.

I am guessing the veggie broth will be low too, which makes me happy because I make an excellent veggie soup that is pretty healthy. Also high in sodium.

I know that you are not supposed to eat late, but my husband and I own a business and we work late and because of that, we eat late too. Tonight we ate dinner at 9 pm. Now I am generally up late to due to our schedule, but I would love to get back on track with a decent dinner time. It's just so hard, even though the business is in our home, it's still hard to stop and cook when I am taking care of customers and answering the phone.

I am up early, but still have a tendency to eat a later breakfast.

I'm still losing weight so I guess it's okay, but sometimes it's so hard to stay on a strict regimen with a crazy schedule.


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