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1/15/12 12:15 A

what about honey? i've heard its pretty good. don't know if you consider that 'white stuff.'

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1/14/12 10:46 P

Try different kinds of coffee if you'd like to keep it black. There are so many different types and you'd be surprised at the difference in taste. Also maybe try changing up how you brew it - stronger or weaker might be the key you need to make it taste better for you.

That said, I always have a bit of sugar in my coffee, like less than half a teaspoon per cup (a teaspoon of sugar has 15 calories), which is practically negligible in my mind.

1/14/12 9:28 P

i like to stir in a tsp or so of cocoa powder... it adds less than 5 calories.a few sprinkles of cinnamon is also a good way to flavor it.

also, have you tried some flavored coffees? some of the seasonal ones are great

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1/14/12 9:20 P

Well, what is your criteria for "tasting good?" My husband likes bitter coffee, but I can't stand it unless it's pretty sweet (which is one reason I don't drink it very often). You could always just experiment with adding different spices and seasonings. Cinnamon, nutmeg, maybe a splash of milk with chai or dark cocoa powder...I haven't tried any of these things, but they might be interesting to try.

There are other sweeteners available besides sugar and Splenda, but if you're looking to entirely avoid the calories or the artificiality, I'm not sure what you could use instead. You could try stevia, but there are some questions about its safety and how "natural" store-bought brands really are. Lots of people stand by it, but many aren't so convinced (I'm one of them). Are you trying to cut out all refined sugars and artificial sweeteners?

In my personal opinion, a small amount of sugar (or Splenda) isn't a bad thing in an otherwise healthy diet. When I have coffee, I use a bit of both.

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1/14/12 9:00 P

Hi everyone.

I would like to know if it's possible to make coffee taste good without adding sugar or splenda. i admit that i have issues with the "white stuff" and i feel like it may hinder my efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. Any and all input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance emoticon

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