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TB2JB2 Posts: 662
7/5/11 6:30 P

Fruits, yogurt with granola on the side, fat free muffins...that is all I have for you...I am not a big breakfast eater

SHAYLA24S SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (11,436)
Posts: 480
7/5/11 6:28 P

Maybe serve tea instead of coffee...there are so many different flavors for everyone!

SPCRAIG SparkPoints: (154,350)
Fitness Minutes: (113,422)
Posts: 29,893
7/5/11 3:30 P

Oatmeal with brown sugar is a healthier choice but is slightly sweet

ILOVEMY2BIRDS Posts: 2,646
7/4/11 9:29 A

fruit. It is more popular choice at our work breakfasts... get plenty its 1st to be gobbled up before donuts and pastries!

ELLEN0407 Posts: 2,037
7/4/11 9:06 A

fruit salad or fruit skewers, yogurt

PEDAL-PUSHER Posts: 6,501
7/4/11 8:58 A

My first thought was bran muffins (regular size, not huge) or a Quiche,,,,,,,,,maybe Angel Food Cake with fruit , thickened and sweetened as if you were making pie filling. The cake can also be made using a can of crushed pineapples or diced peaches in place of the water for added fruit.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,800
7/4/11 8:37 A

Seasonal fruit offerings, 100% juice, coffee and tea (they aren't really bad for you), maybe some yogurt cups.

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (66,181)
Posts: 7,159
7/3/11 10:26 P

What about the coffee, juice, fruit platter, healthy muffins and more healthy type sparks cake recipes.. It is going to be a stumbling block, people will still overeat.. But it is a start..

NMAMUSIC SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,555)
Posts: 331
7/3/11 9:22 P

How about orange juice and breakfast burritos?

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,273
7/3/11 8:54 P

think tea. like little cucumber sandwiches. or egg sandwiches. or a tea loaf or other fruity, hearty bread.
or quiche or mini quiche.
also wrap type pinwheels could work.
or little crostini with tapenades.
because the reason why donuts and danish and muffins work so well is that they are portable and easy to grab and relatively not messy. so you have to think of ways to make healthier foods portable. like oatmeal might be great, but it's really hard to chat and interact with a bowl in one hand and spoon in the other. you need to be able to hold it in a napkin and go.

CATIEMARIE Posts: 2,313
7/3/11 7:47 P

If you crave sweets, try baked apples with some honey and greek yogurt, and perhaps a little oatmeal sprinkled on top.

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,128
7/3/11 7:38 P

the first suggestion is a fruit tray and maybe some greek style yogurt.

look on here for some healthy muffin recipes maybe.

7/3/11 7:17 P

At our church on social sunday's the fare is typically coffee orange juice, doughnuts, sticky danish's, huge muffins, more doughnuts.... Any suggestions !!!! We are going to try a HEALTHY CLEANED- UP social day. Any good ideas or recipes that we can use to make everyone happy but have our healthy morning. If this is a success it may change the way our church celebrates its social sunday's.

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