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GIRLYGIRL122001 Posts: 2
4/30/14 3:59 P

That message really helped me today, I'm trying to keep motivated but it is really hard.

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4/20/14 3:27 P

So today I am feeling a bit more motivated then usual and I want to share that with everyone on here.

Just think about how much you want to achieve your goal. How much effort are you going to put into it to succeed? Every single one of us on here are already taking steps to better ourselves but how much effort are you going to put in to make that next step? We are the only ones controlling how this journey is going to turn out and if you really really want to achieve your goal you need to make the effort. I have finally realized that and put it to use. Time and time again I look in the mirror and say ugh.. I gotta start working out again. Tomorrow I will. I should have said no, now I will start. But then, I didn't realize how much I wanted to succeed. If I had done that I would weigh even less than I do now! I would be closer to my goal. So how badly do you want to be healthy and fit? Are you gonna say hey I'll start tomorrow or hey I want this, let me do it now! Because each of those phrases will take on two completely different paths. It's just up to you to choose.

Have a great week everyone!!! XOXO

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