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Are you familiar w/ ~IndyGirl on this site? She has lost hundreds of lbs and has a knack w/ dispensing wisdom (love her quotes!).
Here's a link to her Sparkpage (you may have to copy and paste):

One of my favorite quotes of hers (paraphrasing here) is if you got a traffic ticket, would you go around all day breaking all the other driving laws? Of course not!
Apply that to your journey. Do not for a second think you need to or will be perfect - perfection in this context just doesn't exist. Aim for progress, not perfection.

If/when you have a stumble, do not despair. Simply pick yourself back up and get on your way again. It's as simple & complicated as that.

Another quote I've heard here that I liked: "Being fat is hard. Losing weight is hard. Maintaining is hard. Pick your hard!"

Having been both fat and healthy, I can certainly attest that being heavy is not for the faint of heart. Most normal weight folks that have never experienced it don't have a clue of how difficult it can be. It colors so much of our lives, from the physical to the mental.

Keep your sense of humor & try to enjoy the ride. Believe I or not, it can be enjoyable. Like almost anything else in life, it comes down to attitude. Wrap your head around what those who have done this know: losing weight is more about the foods you eat than exercise. Exercise is awesome - it relieves stress and helps get & keep you fit. But weight loss is more about the foods you put into your body. All calories are not created equal. 1550 calories of Big Macs will not do for you & your weight loss what 1550 calories of healthful food (including lots of fruits and veggies) can. I saw a humongous difference when I started eating 7-9 servings of veggies a day (in addition to whatever other fruit, meat, dairy, etc I wanted).

And I only tried that as a result of continuously hearing on this site - over & over - how important veggies were. Past weight loss attempts were torturous I regained anything I lost but I never focused on, it's part of my lifestyle & I actually like them!

Which brings me to the next point: soak in what this site has to offer. There's a ton of great info, recipes, etc. My faves are the message boards & success stories. Everyone here understands & there's a comfort in knowing all these folks have gone through what you are going through. And just look - some have made it!!! What did they do? What do they know that you don't? Read their stories and glean tips & tricks that can help you. Plus it's good for the human spirit, when faced w/ difficulty, to see that others have achieved what you want to achieve. Go to the Woo-Hoo section. Read the inspiring posts. Imagine that will be YOU! Encourage others on the boards as well. As a bonus, in doing so, you reinforce & encourage yourself. Read the articles on motivation - they're outstanding.

Lastly, know - really believe - that you CAN do this.

Good luck!

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7/21/13 12:16 P

My suggestions:
Avoid the all or nothing approach. Just because you "messed up" by eating a brownie doesn't mean you should give up on your whole effort. Just because you got stuck in traffic and missed your exercise class doesn't mean you should give up. Not being perfect doesn't men you can't be successful.
Only make changes you're willing to stick to for the rest of your life. If you hate salads, don't force yourself to et them twice a day bc that's what you think you have to do. You don't HAVE to do anything. This whole process is your choice.

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7/21/13 11:32 A

Always remember that one small mistake does NOT mean that you have failed. Always put it behind you and keep going. If you can't resist a certain food, don't keep it in the house.

To make yourself walk more try to go a little further each day. When out shopping park further from the door. Just try to add a little bit more fitness into your day; it doesn't have to be a formal workout to count. Walk around while talking on the phone if you have a portable phone. Anything helps!

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7/21/13 10:55 A

Hi all. Need some ideas for motivation to keep me going. I have a very substantial portion of weight to lose (about 2.5 people or so). Help me figure out how to keep going so I don't get discouraged at what I know is going to happen: small weight loss at times, plateaus, frustration, being faced with cookies and ice cream, etc.

I know it is going to happen. Pretending it isn't going to won't help me. I need thoughts, sayings, ideas to keep me motivated to walk away from the junk... and to - well... WALK.

I know that it this is a long haul journey; that there is no incantation or charm ("There will be no silly wand waving." or potion that will make this faster. I know that it is going to be a day to day fight - for life.

I'm open to suggestions, buddies, reminders, sayings, mantras...


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