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10/30/13 9:50 A

Welcome to SP.

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10/30/13 7:54 A

Welcome to Sparkpeople emoticon and well done on posting after lurking for so long. That right there is what we call a huge step in the right direction emoticon

I really admire your honesty, it can be hard to find the time to log in and post and lets face it, updating the tracker isn't the most exciting thing in the world especially when you have had a bad day. But it does help, really it does. Try and find even 5-10 mins at the end of your day where you can log in a post, make it as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth. The more you do it, the more you reinforce the habit and the easier it will be. Even if you can't log on try and keep a physical food diary so you can see patterns in your eating.

Depression is something I personally understand very well emoticon it can be a huge obstacle to healthy living. One thing you might find helpful is one of the teams for fellow Sparkers with depression, its great to have a community of people who understand your struggles and who can give you support when you need it. You can find teams by doing a search via the Community button up top.

You only need to be overweight your entire life if you let that happen, you have the power to change things, time to take that power back.

Best of luck, you know we are all here if you need help and support. emoticon

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10/30/13 7:13 A

emoticon When you are ready, we are here.

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10/30/13 5:53 A


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10/30/13 2:38 A

I do not know where to begin. I have been a member for little over a year or so here at Sparks. I am obese and I want to lose the weight for health reasons. However I can't motivate myself to even begin. I would come online here and input what I ate for breakfast and lunch then I forget about dinner. Then days go by that I don't come online here until maybe another or so. I know this is not the way to do it. Just to motivate myself to come online. so I try again only to repeat it. I am feeling depressed because for one I got laid off and have been looking for a job for not almost a year. I am ashamed going on a interview because how I look. So in return it makes me want to eat. A part of me is sick of this and I want to stop this behavior for it is not doing me any good.

I have always struggle with my weight since a child, now as an adult is much worse. Now many wonder why am I posting here if I don't want to commit or stick to it. Perhaps there is a part of me that does NOT want to give up fighting. My only option right is to come back and take one step at a time and to force myself to come back here. Interesting I always come online for other sites but not here. I do not want to gain anymore weight, but I do my best. I have lost weight in the past by eating a good breakfast, then around 2 pm I remember eating only a large hamburger my father would make and a small amount of chips (not the whole bag lol) and later I would eat very light like a small bowl of jello with peaches and that filled me up. I would exercise and walk. and that is when I notice weight loss. I am trying to get myself into that mode again but can't. Maybe I meant to be overweight all of my life. So I shall go thank you for letting me vent - bye.

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