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2/1/12 4:07 A

I read a blog on how long it takes people to get into the groove and saw that 4 weeks tends to be the average amount of time taken. This is really inspiring to me as I am now on day 6 and have been having a great week - especially since going back to work yesterday.

I used to prefer to do my workout first thing in the morning or else I wouldn't do it when I got home. But as I have been getting my sleep patterns back to pre-midnight, I have been too tired in the morning to get up at 6am. But yesterday and today, I was actually motivated to do ZUMBA as soon as I got home - and tonight I also managed to complete my strengths training as well. SO BUZZED OUT!

Another interesting thing has happened as a result - I no longer want to STUFF myself in the evenings, which is what got me to my current weight! I'm actually struggling to get to my calorie minimum - I'm pretty close to it so I'm not worried that I'm under-eating as its only been for 2 days. The tracking and all the useful advice helps keep me to maintain a healthy focus anyway :)

So I'm about to go to bed feeling physically tired and enthusiastic about tomorrow ... one day at a time and I can actually achieve my goals. When I was looking at myself in the mirror while doing my lunges, I was disheartened at my body. But I thought about all the awesome people who were much bigger than me who kept at it and are now running marathons and having the time of their lives.

I CAN DO THIS! I KNOW I CAN! Can't wait to wake up tomorrow and get into another spark day!

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1/27/12 4:03 P

What an absolute buzz it is to wake up hungry! I love it ... it really is quite astounding how different you feel about the day when you wake up and you're already successful!

No more ... 'oooohhh my tummy's still tight, I feel awful ... oh well I better have some breakfast to kickstart the metabolism so I can burn off last night's binge' ... slug slug ... eat some more ... feel that body s t r e t c h (in all the wrong ways)

And then today - I woke up way too early, but I was so excited that my tummy was empty that I couldn't go back to sleep ... lol ... (I can have a snooze later if needed).

There are so many small things that make this journey thrilling. The things we have numbed ourselves to so that we don't have to stop stuffing ourselves ... its such a 'Catch 22'. I mean, I had to peek in the mirror this morning to see what size my stomach was as it felt like a size 10 ... hahahaha ... maybe it is ... but its covered in fat, so theres no way it LOOKS like a size 10 (YET)!

Savour the small successes for they are actually HUGE indicators of achievement.

Love to you all xx

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1/27/12 4:03 P


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1/27/12 3:40 A

Todays stats:
- 1281 calories
- 40 min cardio (zumba)
- bikini for beginners strengths training
- 12 glasses of water

I have had a great day today! I have felt so healthy and satisfied. I prepared all my meals and have been researching this website. What a luxury to have a day like this ... and to think this can be the norm! I mean it is soooo good to not feel stuffed! I'm in no pain! Let alone not having to put up with my mental scoldings! I know there will be tough times - but the alternative is tough times EVERY day ... [shudder]

FREEDOM! I'm coming home ... get the pinot noir ready, because I'm going to be ready to celebrate! emoticon

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