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8/1/14 11:00 A

Thanks JENG829 I didn't know that :)

I'll have to get the app and hope it goes on sale again.

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8/1/14 1:10 A

If you have iPhone, there is a free kindle app... That's what I use.

7/31/14 10:16 P

Ive been waiting for it to come out on Audible, I don't have a kindle.

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7/31/14 10:02 P

Now I want a kindle. lol

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
7/31/14 8:24 A

Great book. I've had the print version for a while, and keep picking at it (along with several others).
Absolutely worth the read!

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7/30/14 11:41 P

Will check this out.


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7/30/14 4:30 P

I just ordered this today after receiving Mark Sisson's e-mail about it. Haven't started reading it yet, but can't wait to get started on it.

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7/30/14 3:01 P

Thanks! I'm a fan of Denise Minger's analysis and discussions about nutrition, so I'm looking forward to reading this. I heard an interview with her about it, and the politics involved in adopting the pyramid sound particularly interesting. :)

WOUBBIE Posts: 13,732
7/30/14 2:37 P

As part of a special Amazon Buck Books promotion, until midnight tonight you can get a Kindle copy of Death by Food Pyramid for just 99 cents. This is an excellent book. She doesn't just look at the studies, she actually in many cases digs through the original raw data itself. Plus, she's pretty funny! A good read!

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