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Yeah the truth is, there's really no way to get rid of the extra skin without surgery. It does shrink up a little bit over a few years post weight loss, but it seems you have waited plenty of time. So it's probably shrunken up as much as it's going to naturally. I'm sure you already eat pretty healthily, which is a plus. And strength training is good because when you build muscle, it helps "fill in" some of the loose skin. But sometimes, it still isn't enough. I definitely wouldn't waste money investing in creams or products that claim to firm your skin, because it doesn't work. I wish this wasn't such a problem for so many people. :(

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Above is link to what seems like some useful strategies for your issue.

You are beautiful and a big Congratulations on your success.
Hope this helps. emoticon

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Hello all,
I had a Gastric Bypass in May of 2003. As of today, I have maintained my weight loss from 330 to 180. Currently, I am 169, go to the gym 5 times a week, watch my portions and my diet. I am growing frustrated because despite my achievements and hard work I carry extra skin around my thighs and abdomen. They are in shape, but with the loose skin they look awful and the skin would easily account for an additional 1-2 inches of both. Does anyone have any suggestions about firming skin (plastic surgery is not an option unless you are buying :) ). This has been a huge hurdle for me and any suggestions would be welcome.

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