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10/15/12 8:10 P

If you have a scale, weigh the amount raw and then after cooked.
I think you will find that about 1/4 is lost through fat and juices. So 16 ounces raw = 12 cooked; or 4 ounces raw ends up being about 3 ounces cooked. check and see.

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10/15/12 4:42 P

@Russel- Didn't see your post when I made my reply. I was actually thinking of doing chili already. If browning the burger first really does remove that much of the fat it'd be a perfect meal with beans in it. Shame about the cornbread tho... haha

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10/15/12 4:21 P

@Becky- Thanks. Will definitely look to brown this burger. I ran into that article last week but was unsure of its reliability, thanks for confirming it. Do you happen to know what a serving (4 oz raw) of 85/15 burger would turn into after browned and drained? Like, is it half of the fat removed? Just curious for tracking purposes. Is that article absolutely correct in saying that cooked and rinsed has 9g fat and 19g protein? And what would it be if I just drained it, or is rinsing as well absolutely neccesary as well?

Sorry for the overwhelming amount of questions, but its great news that draining can actually be that effective. I brown my burger for about 90% of my stuff anyway, so this will save a lot of money. I had been using a 99% lean ground turkey that was $5 a pound. Now I'll be able to use cheap stuff, except for like when I made porcupine meatballs the other day. Used 93/7 extra lean ground beef for that.

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10/15/12 4:13 P

I would brown it, then rinse it off, removing 25% of the fat. Then cook up a bunch of vegetables, like mushrooms, tomaatoes, onions, and add the meat in at the end, since it is already cooked. Use 8 ozs of meat. Add beans for some carbs if you wish. You could even make a chili.

If you want more protein , eat more meat. Do what you can to lower fat, and add the carbs you need. If the vegetable will fit into a dish with ground turkey, toss it in.No reason not to have 10 servings of vegetables.

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10/15/12 3:52 P

What about turkey burgers, and you can just leave off the bun? Meatloaf would be good too, although it might be hard to eat 8oz of meatloaf in one sitting, I find it to be very filling. I gave you a good turkey meatloaf recipe in the recipes request thread though. Meatballs are another thought, you could even use them as a snack dipped in some marinara or bbq sauce. That way you don't have to eat all 8oz in one sitting. This is my favorite turkey meatball recipe
aghetti-recipe/index.html. Adding the carrots really helps keep them moist. They also freeze well to use later. I last made them when I first started using the recipe builder (so before I knew it was important to list WHAT a serving is), so I have it as making 6 servings, which I think is 3 meatballs as I used 20oz of meat instead of the 1lb listed, but I didn't note the sizes at all. I have it as 185 calories, 9 carbs, 8 fat, 19 protein.

10/15/12 3:32 P

Only use these type beef in recipes where you can brown the meat, then drain and rinse---prior to eating. So don't use if for meatloaf or a patty---but it is perfect for the spaghetti sauce or chili. You will then remove a great deal of the calories and fat. If you start with about 16 ounces of meat, after browning, draining and rinsing you will end up with only about 12 ounces of cooked meat. So if protein intake is a concern--start with a large amount of the raw meat. If you want the calorie info for this technique, click here:

Hope this helps.

SP Dietitian Becky

PS---I buy it when it is on sale too. ---Just prepare it properly to remove the fat.

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10/15/12 2:46 P

First note that I just hit maitinance mode, so I'm aiming for about 2,000-2,200 cals a day. Other wise there would be no way this would work haha.

So this was on sale for dirt cheap and i picked up 2 pounds of it. I couldn't justify not buying it. Now wondering what to do with it. Its just that I feel no matter what I make with it, the protein amount will be too low, since its already fatter and generally you just add carbs to ground burger. Specs for a 4 oz serving are 240 cals, 17g fat and 20g protein. I generally like to get 40-60g protein in my lunch and dinners (I batch cook on weekends and then microwave everything during the week) Any thoughts on what I could do with this?

Right now its looking like browning it, then adding pasta sauce and serving over green beans with 8 ounces of the meat. My other main meal for the day would just have to be very lean and I can have my carbs then. Adding them with this one would make me completely stuffed.

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