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AMERSBEE Posts: 48
1/3/12 12:36 P

Thanks so much for the link. I am definitely gonna check it out =)

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1/3/12 12:25 P

I agree with others- an MD doesn't mean he's infallible. Also, no exercise while you're restricting your eating like that. Maybe try some yoga or a little strength training, but nothing aggressive and NO cardio.

For food tips, go to this link. There's a meal plan for a cleanse that you can do for about 700 calories. It's relatively well balanced with carbs, veggies, fats and protein. I advise trying one meal with fish and one with chicken (if you eat meat).

BRITOMART Posts: 8,305
1/3/12 12:15 P

"An actual doctor in a huge hospital" could have a specialty in anything from geriatrics to obstetrics and know next to nothing about weight loss/management. And, sadly, popularity is no guide to quality.

If you can, get a second opinion from someone with real qualifications in the area you need help with...would you go to a psychiatrist for a surgical procedure?

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AMERSBEE Posts: 48
1/3/12 12:10 P

Well he is an actual doctor in a huge hospital =) He must know what he is doing. Lots of people go to him..heehee.

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1/3/12 12:04 P

You should not be working out on 700 calories a day. What qualifications does this metabolic specialist have? Do you have a completely sedentary lifestyle? I don't understand why anyone would be put on this type of diet....

AMERSBEE Posts: 48
1/3/12 11:57 A

I have had a really hard time losing weight. I was referred to a metabolic specialist. He had me do a bunch of tests and blood work. I have an extremely low metabolism. So he is trying to boost it by drastically changing my diet along with the medication. I also have to work out 4 days a week doing resistance training. That isn't including cardio. So I have been doing Curves 4 days a week.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,898
1/3/12 11:52 A

You don't have to answer this if you don't want to, but I'm curious why he's put you on a diet like this? Do you have some kind of specific medical condition that requires it, or are you just trying to lose weight?

Coach Jen

AMERSBEE Posts: 48
1/3/12 11:46 A

I have met with a dietitian a couple of times. Not for this harsh of a diet but I do have one. I am also on a bunch of vitamins too. Multivitamin, calcium, B-12, Vitamin D (prescription) and he gave me a bunch of reading! But realistically, this is a tough one.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,898
1/3/12 11:40 A

The previous poster is totally correct. Being on a diet like this can be dangerous to your health b/c it's difficult to get all of the nutrients your body needs. So it's very important for you to work closely with a registered dietitian who can create a meal plan to help you meet those needs.

Coach Jen

BRITOMART Posts: 8,305
1/3/12 11:39 A

If your doctor has put you on such a restricted diet, he/she should send you to registered dietitian to give you appropriate meals. Leaving you on your own is completely irresponsible!

I'd call the office and make a (polite but firm) stink.

AMERSBEE Posts: 48
1/3/12 11:37 A

So my doctor put me on a 700 calorie diet to reboost my metabolism along with some medications. So, my problem is that I have no where to start. I need to have at least 75 grams of protein a day. I feel lost!

I am trying to make up a couple different menu plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that I can choose from but boy, I am stumped. 700 calories...That isn't anything! Does anyone have any suggestions for any meals? I am trying to gather up any info. I am drinking 2 Premier protein drinks a day. They each have 30 g of protein. So that is a plus. They are 160 calories. So that is 380 calories left for the day. So if I just have one shake for breakfast and lunch. I would just have to worry about dinner. But...if I wanted to eat a breakfast...

This sucks! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! =)

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