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NAPALIL Posts: 15
1/25/13 11:47 P

Thank you fellow "sparks." I appreciate your input and I think I will order Coach Nicoles video. I did watch her video at Spark People and liked the way she changes from one exercise to another. The intensity is adjustable and the workout seems to be "whole body."


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1/25/13 10:50 P

Yes, I agree with Unident and Coach Jen.
I'm 60 and have a total hip replacement. I am able to do any DVD or workout program that is at my fitness level whether it is strength training or cardio.
I am really good now at "body checks" as I workout. When something doesn't feel right, I modify, slow down, or stop.
Balance is something that I pay particular attention to as I age.

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 66,005
1/25/13 3:34 P

Hi Lil

I agree with Unident. Coach Nicole's DVD can be great for any fitness level or any age, so I'd recommend it. Also check out the workout suggestions in the Senior Health Lifestyle Center. Here's a link:

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/25/13 3:07 P

Age is irrelevant.

If you're a beginner look for a beginner's video. Any one. They all "work".

Watch for balance issues as you get older, and always work at your own pace, but there is no special way the over 60's need to work out that's different from the under 60's.

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1/25/13 3:07 P

I have found that I like the Billy Blanks Taebo dvds. He's got a variety of dvd's. I only have three of the dvd's so far. I have: This is Taebo, Taebo Insane Abs, and Taebo Express. The Taebo Express is actually the one I use the most (followed by the Taebo Abs). The Taebo Express has 8 10 minute workouts. With this one, I will usually mix and match a few of them to make a 20 to 30 minute workout. I haven't been able to do the full time on the Taebo Abs yet, but it's still a great workout. The dvd, This is Taebo, is the most difficult one for me. I have trouble keeping up with the punches and the kicks. I find that I may be doing the punches and not the kicks (or the kicks but not the punches). Sometimes, I'd be doing both but not doing well at either one. That's why I like the Taebo Express. I can practice with the 10 minute workouts. It has one focusing more on punches and one focusing more on the kicks.

I know that you can find them at Walmart (at least the ones I have). You can also get them on Amazon.

NAPALIL Posts: 15
1/25/13 2:03 P

I would like a video that combines the above cardio/strength training such as Coach Nicole's 28 day boot camp. Would you recommend that video as a good one for a healthy 64 year old?

I've noticed lately that getting up after working in the garden or filing at work is getting a little more difficult and would like to improve on that.

I have not worked out in the last year except for long walks with my dog. But I have always worked out in one way or another prior to last year when I lost 62 years I jogged a 10k...I've loved Jazzercise and did this for several years until my favorite instructor moved, then swam 4 times a week 20 regulation lengths back and I think my muscles will "remember" eventually, but don't want to over do it.

Suggestions, please.


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